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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Ontario
Country: CA


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Light Faerie ~
05/27/13 01:25:25PM @light-faerie:

You're beautiful! And lovely yoga poses :)

Dario Brkić
01/17/12 06:56:17PM @dario-brki:

Thank you for your time and response. About the frizz, I mean the exact same moment when you backcomb one dread, it is a lot of frizzy, do you palm roll it to make him "round"?

Dario Brkić
01/15/12 05:28:36PM @dario-brki:

Oh and one more thing. You said they were frizzy when you backombed. I know how that looks, how did you get those frizzy hairs to go with the dread, just palm roll?

Dario Brkić
01/15/12 04:55:17PM @dario-brki:

Thank you for answering. Oh I see. That's nice =) They look very good, I'm thinking of starting my own with that method =) How often do you wash them? Any special washing method or just normal shampoo?

08/18/11 07:12:26AM @calin:
Thanks for the like :)

08/16/11 11:10:19AM @ranasta:

Thank you good day like these? That such your day

Mark Fry
08/02/11 08:42:57AM @mark-fry:

Thanks Evolet, you're so kind. :)

Jenny Lane McGee
07/23/11 08:36:59PM @jenny-lane-mcgee:

Thank you.I think your hair looks beautiful.
My dreads were backcomed adn nearing 2 years.
I have 47 and they are sectionedabout an inch,some a little more and some a little less.Starting to get more loops lately : )

Lovin the journey...

06/29/11 10:42:24AM @momahepp:
Hi, Thank u for the sweet comment! My locks r almost a year old and i started them with backcomb and twist n rip. Twist n rip is easier. Then i lighty crocheted, just for the initial locking process. My sections r fairly small- 1/2 inch aprox. some smaller. I did add human hair extensions to the end, my hair would b much shorter. You do lose some length, but ur hair's pretty long. I've wanted locs for a long time, its nice to finally have them and b a year into it. Time and patience makes all the difference. :)

06/28/11 07:13:19AM @chick-pea:

Hi there : )

I'm just wondering if you are lucky enough to have Evolet as your real name or whether it is one you chose for the site. I'm so in love with that name, I'm tempted to change mine ; )

love & light


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