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dreadlocks shampoo


6 Weeks

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-09-13
Ok so my last post was about 2 weeks ago, and since then my head has become this whole crazy jungle of loose hairs and knots trying their damndest to become dreads.One of my roots has split in two, so I have two roots coming together into one tip. The gap is so big that i can fit my thumb through it. I've repositioned beads to help it along so it should all work out!On the whole though they're going good, and for the first time in my life I'm happy with who I am. Now thats a strange feeling I've never had before, and I intend to use it.I have 2 years to plan something to do with my life. Travelling is the favourite. So I think I'll do that.This time in 2 years I want to have passed my driving test, quit smoking (tobacco, not weed,) and got fitter. I havent really done any proper exercise in about 8 years, so that one could be a struggle. But thats where I wanna be. I have a lot of work to do but i'll get there eventually.Photos will follow, I know I said that last time but they will be coming in a few minuets... I promise!
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By SaGem, 2010-09-12
They are 3wks old today :D They are tightening up and wearing a few beads. I must admit I was expecting a lot of rude comments from humans in general, but all I have experienced is wonderful compliments. My head is covered in strays and loose hair. Personally, I think it looks gooood but I know it is not the standard of beauty according to society. Perhaps we dreadies who want to be dreaded just wear it well ;) I am expecting a few packages this week, gifts for the dreads. One tam and shampoo bar....excitementI must rave for the BS&ACV wash! I have very thick hair so cleaning (especially the scalp) it has always been an issue for me. I have tried a number of shampoos both commerical and homemade. NOTHING has produced the results that BS&ACV provides. My hair and scalp is actually clean nothing is left behind. And at the same time, it has not been dried out or turned brittle. A friend recently ran her fingers through my hair and couldn't stop because it felt soo soft. ACV rinse was all I could say with a huge grin :) It's the perfect combo for my hair. BS cleanses without overdrying and the ACV rinse balances out the ph and conditions....better than any commerical conditioner I have ever tried.Not to mention it really does help my hair tightening up. It is noticeable right after the wash. LOVE IT!Picture on the way...when the devices want to work with me :O
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By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-12
I think we would lie to ourselves if we did not admit that dreadlocks are heavily connected to identity. I think we all have been going through a process in which we have decided that dreadlocks blend in well with our identity, that dreadlocks fits into our own concept of whom we think we are.If I just briefly scan our community I can see that there are some herb smokers, quite a few mommies calling themselves hippies and a whole lot of ppl that feel they have a strong connection with nature. All that gelled very well with my preconceptions.But, as always, it is not as easy as one thinks. When I dig a bit deeper I suddenly see that there is a whole lot more to it. The herb smokers, hippie mommies and the nature lovers suddenly transform into separate individuals where the one is very different to the other one. And they are not alone, there is a whole lot of other characters dreading their hair, for a million various reasons, having just as many various interests and lifestyles.And when I've realized all this, slightly embarrassed about being narrow minded, I must also start wondering about who I am, what I am here for and why I am having dreadlocks?Where does this dreading grandpa fit into this? I don't smoke herbs, I am not a mommy, neither a hippie and even though I love gardening, I don't really feel that I am one with nature.
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Soul food

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-11
I've been digging today. Digging is a very nice thing to do. Like gym, but the natural way. I was digging with my mother. My mother is old, but she still digs. She does not live here, she lives two hours away. But today we were together for once. Digging together. Making things right in the garden. Making the soil better for the plants to grow in, by mixing it with nutritious stuff she knew about. I had the muscles and the motivation to learn, and my mother had the willpower and the knowledge. She remembered that I used to hate gardening, now I suddenly love it. Strange.So, my dreads were itching today. They were sweaty, under a beanie, in the rain. Now they are washed and happy. My body is sore and I am tired. It's midnight here and I'm going to bed.Life is wonderful.Over and out..
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No longer my dread journal.....

By Kayla Marae Neumann, 2010-09-11
well as some of you may know i started dreading my hair the other night and i was so excited and when i looked in the mirror i truly felt that i had found myself and i loved my hair so much but after having them for only 2 school days that i was ready to take them out and grow my hair out for awhile until i began my dreading journey i feel so bad but ehh i guess ill get over it. so now im back to normal hair that i have to fix everyday and i hate it so if anyone knows of anything i can do to speed up the process of my hair growing please let me know because i would be very interested...
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my dread journal

By Kayla Marae Neumann, 2010-09-09
so today was my first day with my dreads. i love them so so much. well ill tell you a little about myself that isnt posted on my profile. i goto this school in a reallly tiny town and i seem to fit ion with noone here but im cool with that. pretty much everyone at this school is a redneck not even kidding it kinda sucks actually they really get on my nerves. so im the only girl at my school well not really just the only girl im the only person with any piercings. i have my septum, spider bites, tounge, nose, navel,eyebrow and my ears are gauged (7/8). i also have two tattoos one is my name on my arm.....yes my name i was 13 so i was pretty ignorant i guess the other is a corsete piece in my back will post pictures soon. well this is all for now if you would like to know anything else im more than happy to share. oh and i love this site its pretty awsome.
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Natural High

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-08
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falla långsamt

By Ugglan, 2010-09-08

jag knner hur jag faller , hur mina vingar tappar fjdrar och blir glesa. det tog mig 3 r att bygga upp dem , f dem tta och brande , nu vittrar dem snder nr jag faller ner igen , nu fngar ingenting mig , trots att fallet blir dmpat slr jag hrt i marken nr jag landar , jag gr snder, min sjl vill inte fungera , fr mnga sprickor. krleken r det som kan rdda min sjl och teruppbygga mina vingar , men vart finns krleken i en vrld utan fred , fred skapar ju krlek , men skapar krlek fred ?nr jag r ensam sent om natten kan jag hra hur vrlden faller isr , hur vi skapar lidande , mer lidande n det mnskliga. nirvana r lngt fjrran. frden tar mig mnga liv ,missden och katastrofer , en dag r det min lycka , slutet och resultatet av mina frberedelser. fr jag sjunger p min sista melodi , den r ljudls och skrikig. lyssna s kommer du hra nglarnas tysta skri skra genom vakuumet och studsa mot tomhetens vggar.
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By Ugglan, 2010-09-08

alltid var jag ingenstans borta med vinden mot ingenmansland.frbrukat med nlen som aldrig frr ppna armar men alltid stngd r jag arg och irriterad , desorienterad i mitt lilla rum , knner mig maktls och svag mer natt n dag ,mer hat n makt. mer allt r frlagt och mig bestmma fr mig sjlv gra mina val och mina beslut sjlv , en egen individ utan dina ord utan ditt styre.ser du inte varfr jag r arg du bryr dig men p fel stt ska du fortstta med det kan du lgga av och frsvinna ifrn min dag , ni kan leva ert eget liv jag behver inte va en del fr er r jag bara ett systrar har ett heligt band det kallas frstelse och det behvs ibland , i en vrld s hrd och kall r en syster allt man behver fr att bli lite varm.fred
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comb out

By Jennifer2, 2010-09-07
I combed out my dread locks last night. It did not take as long as i thought it would, but hurt a hell of a lot. I think i will miss them very much so, but they needed to be out. I found so much wax still inside them, i havent used dread wax in at least 4 months maybe longer. I think I will give my scalp some time to recover amd start again in a few months.I think my hair is a lot thinner now also. unless it only seems that way. Plus i think it needs a few hot oil treatments and some tlc.
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