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1st Week

By: SaGem
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Sunday marked one week! I have not used a comb, brush, or commerical shampoo/conditioner or any products during this week. I wash&condition with SE's BS&ACV recipe. Changes I have noticed:Comb-made parts are no longer visible to my eye. But when I touch my hair, I feel the sections.My entire head is covered in fuzz, and the twists are visible enough to pass as an intentional sloopy style. Interesting to note, this "style" was a hit at my local bar.My roots are very loose but firm...together. May be a better description would be, they are no longer twisted or apart of the twists?! And yet they feel&look so soft, bouncy, and healthy.Besides starting with T&R, I am keeping my journey very low maintenance&manipulation. I wash&air dry. And I keep an eye out for sections. I don't re-twist, oil, etc.Looking forward to week 2 :)
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