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1 Month, 1 Day

user image 2010-09-01
By: Gary Charlesworth
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Ok so it's been an eventful month. I started the month with frizzy sideshow bob hair, and ended it with fully mature dreads...... ... ......Ok so I lied there, but I'm just THAT excited. I can see changes in my hair everyday though. In my last vLog (somewhere in Member Timelines) I mentioned a knot in on of my tips. Since then I've found 2 more, on front dreads. These 2 little knots are wonderful guys. They knotted near the end of the tip, sandwiched between loose tip hairs. Since these knots formed the end of the tip hasn't changed, but the rest of the tip is dreadding nicely. Almost better than the origional backcombed part.I do still need to find a new sleep position. The dreads on the side I sleep on are folding back on themselves at the roots. They also seem to be tightning up more than the other side.And so to the rest of the eventful month...If there are any WWE fans on here, we were reminded of the infamous Katie Vick storyline (thanks CM Punk, I really needed to remember that one!). For those unaware goto
-- Looking back on it, it wasn't that bad, but at the time... Damn! Oh and BTW Viewer Discretion is advised, this segment is not suitable for younger viewers. It's a bit sick!I saw Piranha 3D... Seriously, I know it looks like a pile of crap, but it's REALLY funny. And boobs in 3D... More Please!I also went to a party. Not normally my thing, I don't drink alot. But I got wasted, and took a 3hr journey home with the worst hangover ever! And on the same day as the party, I got accosted by Christians and had to talk to him for nearly an hour before he realised that I have my own mind and strong enough personality to withstand the lures of organised religion. Some people don't get the message.I appreciate he's a Christian, and is probably really happy, but I don't want it thrust down my throat as I walk down the street trying to buy booze for a "sinful" evening! He was really nice and invited us to a free Hip-Hop evening at their christian club "The Sin Bin," and I can only imagine what Christian Hip-Hop sounds like! Lets face it religious groups and some musical genres do NOT mix! Although, I would like to hear some Hindu Trance.Anywho, it's pretty late, I gunna get me some sleepy timePeace & LoveBTW: Photos will be up probably this weekend if I get time. Another vLog on the way also.
Gary Charlesworth
09/03/10 12:51:27PM @gary-charlesworth:
Well... I try!

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