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The power of the MIRROR!!!

By Heather B, 2010-10-14
The journey of the dreaded life is so enjoyable and peaceful because I don't have to worry about even owning a mirror! Yay!!! But...that's not the kind of mirror I'm talking about. :)I have learned in my life that when I am in judgment of my brothers and sisters I am actually in judgement of myself. What an amazing lesson for me! I get angry because people judge me for being a raw foodie. They don't understand! Raw food is HEALTHY!!! What's wrong with fruits and veggies? I get angry because I can't convert everyone else to go raw. Interestingly enough, I'm doing the same thing. I judge people because they continuously pump meats and toxins into their bodies and they judge me for going raw, thinking I have some strange eating disorder! Ha!I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path....Same thing with the dreadies. People judge me for being "gross" or different or weird in some way because I don't brush and yet I'm so grateful for my new journey I think EVERYONE should jump on the same wagon! I judge people because they put that metal toothed painful destroyer through their wonderful hair? Just put across some sort of image?I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path...I'm so grateful to be able to look at my own life and see where I am no different then the beautiful people around me. I have no right to judge or tell you what you should or shouldn't do, just as I feel invaded or uncomfortable when I am judged or told what to do... we all walk our own path. I can look back through my life and see where I have formed different ideas or "beliefs", how they change and alter with time and more experience. So obvious I'm not always own belief system has changed a number of times!I'm grateful today to have a willingness to learn more ideas and to be open to new ways of life and to be able to just share my own experiences rather then telling someone else what they should or should not do.Thanks for letting me rant!Peace,-B-
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Why dreads?

By Mudas Dreadnought, 2010-10-12
I love my dreads......but not because they aren't perfect in the eyes of others....but not because they don't have the same size and shape....but not because I don't use wax.I love my dreads......because they're all mine....because they are clean....because mine are different than yours....because I don't care about what others say....because it feels right.
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coloring hair

By katie l largent, 2010-10-11
so this weekend i tried to even up my haircolor. ( my tips were a lot lighter than the rest because of highlighting it in the past) let me tell ya..... that will really shrink up your dreads!!!! i think i lost about 3-4 inches of legnth. i love all these changes!!!! and now my husband is wanting to dread his hair.Q: how long should your hair be before it will start to naturaly dread? he has wavy thick hair but it is only about 3 inches long right now.... i have talked him out of getting "dread extentions" thank god!!! but i dont know anything about short hair............ HELP PLEASE!!!!
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PPL i love

By hippie mama, 2010-10-08
i know in my posts u see alot of negative angry posts and so i want to make a list of what i love about my lifei love my son more then life itself. hes my entire world.i love my husband i mean sometimes we can bicker but hes here when i need him. hes my backbone at times and he listenes and helps me with problems. hes my bestfriend just like my son is.i love rocco my boxer. hes such a love dog. he loves to cuddle and when i was pregnant hes watch sad commercials with me and let me hold him like a baby.reese my mutt. hes crazy and makes me laugh. hes fun and rambunctious. i mean he likes to chew things thats bad but he does dumb thing like run into wallas cuz hes clumsy.mortimer rex my turtle= its just a turtle but i like it\my friend bonnie because shes always there when i need someone to talk to or cry at. shes came out here when i was in real need of a friend and she let me dread her hair. how awesome is that.\my friend danielle. ive known her for ages and i hardly talk to her ass much but when we do talk its like we were never apartmy dad. sometimes i feel as though hees the only family member on my side that i can talk to. he knows i dont lie about things and the rest of that family treats him, bad when hes the main breadwinner and helps everyone out.i love all you guys cuz i feel like most of u anyways understand me and can put yourself in my shoes and you dont pity me you just wanna be there for me and i love that. thanks for the support and the words of wisdom
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dumbASS ppl = dumbass logic

By hippie mama, 2010-10-08
why does my mom and my sister in lawand my perverted brother think its okay to comepletly ruin my weekend and break a promise that he wont be home till halloween and make is so i have noone to watch my son so i have to call off today. i mean if it wasnt for joe my father in law i would have had to call off all weekend. i hate them so fuckin much. and of course they all think that i have no reason to be upset. im blowing it all out of perportion bc i want my son to be in a safe place i suppose. i mean i know kai (my brother) sucks at life and cant keep a job past 9 months but i believe that having a job is good b/c it helps feed my family but i suppose im the only one who feels this way because they all are mad at me because i told them how fucked up all this is. tammy my sister in law says to other ppl to ignore me. yeah because thats just what everyone has done my whole life. just as my mom throws my needs to the back burner soon as kais needs come up. i mean im the victim and i just keep getting victimized over and over and it sux ass. what really pisses me off is that i feel as though my sons needs got put in the back right with mine. dude hes two is he supposed to watch himself. they told me he wasnt gonna be home till halloween weekend so if i needed my mom to watch him she could. but now that he wants to come home to mommys house early they all said oh well fuck her let him come home. i mean i only need this job to help spport my family ya know. and tammy dont know how it feels i mean she knows everything and it doesnt stop her and make her tink twice cuz shes so dumb she convinced herself that even though he admitted it at first since he took it back and said it didnt happen later then he must be telling the truth. i mean am i the only one who thinks i have a right to be pissed. i mean luckily someone offered to trade me days so i didnt loose hours but what if joes hours were diffrent for the weekend and he was unable to watch him then id have to call off all weekend and who knows possibly get fired. but noone cares about that. i mean tammy wanted kai to be home and since shes pregnant and hes my moms lil boy guesse who get the curb. me and my family. i mean seriously havent we been through enough?. why do they give him the right to constantly screw me over again and again.?i mean i now realize that for sure for sure i want no relationship with my mom anymore. i already have no relationship with tammy and the only ppl at that house i have respect for is my dad and my nephew is okay sometimes. but who knows how long thatll last. the apple doesnt fall far from the trees. and they are some tall fat ugly stupid perverted trees. so lets hope that saying aint true although he is a year older then my son and my son is far beyond him academically. my husband and i both think we are in the right here. i mean is there something im missing. or are they all dumb and crazy like i believe they are. i mean i havent been this pissed in awhile, i mean johns family all on my side. my friends and johns friends i mean they all see that my immediate family on my side is fuckin crazy. i just dont understand how i can try so hard and constantly get knocked down. especially goin through the pain of coming out to my family about this and feeling as thoughmy mom and dad tried to care but especially mom just couldnt go through with it. i mean its like she finds it so hard to love me. it brings me back to when i was a little kid. shed always tell my tha when my brother would hurt me and beat me up that is was probably brcause i was instigating it. which most the time he just tortured me because he was dumb and got made fun of in school. so no wonder i didnt tell her about the "real" abuse until i was in my 20s i mean can u blame me. look how well she handles it now. it just really makes me sad. i mean that now at 24 i finally realize i will never have a real relationship with her after yrs of trying and failing. as far my sister in law and the perv they are gonna move to iowa supposedly and i know its so her kids wont ever find out about what theyre daddy did. cuz my son knows that hes a bad man. i didnt explain cuz hes to young i just told him if u see him anywhere dont go near him cuz hes a bad man and he was mean to mommy.cuz i mean i dont want to scare him i just want him to knowso i know thats why.
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Need to get dread'ed up!!

By Carlos Parra, 2010-10-06
Hello,Been having major problems finding people to dread me up in the SoCal area!! Anyone out there willing to dread me up!?!?!
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Mixed feelings

By Naomi, 2010-10-05
Im a little better than a month into letting my hair do as it pleases. While not brushing is awesome, in the last week, my hair is flat, and heavy, and i feel an all around 'ick". I wish for them to hurry up and just dread all the way up already. Ive got a couple really big ones, and a bunch of little ones. I think I can add pictures here or as a time line, im going to make one. My hair seems to be dreading really quickly.
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Odd congoing / advice plz?

By Mae, 2010-10-04
I'm about 2 1/2 months into my dread journey, and while i love the freedom of the dreads and the fact that i NEVER know what will be happening on my head when i wake up in the mornings, i do have one little issue. On the right side of my head, towards my face, there are 4 locks that are congoing, and it's driving me batty! From the middle of my forehead to my right ear is one big dread - not cute or easy to pull back! I was at a Wise Women's conference this weekend and asked a sweet sister what she recommended (she has been on the same journey for 2 1/2 years and had absolutely stunning locks), she said when that happened in the beginning, she would just snip and rip in places to manipulate the locks. That's the conclusion i had come to as well, but wanted to see what you all suggested. Thanks so much!~mae~
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Get your dreadstuff here

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-10-04
I've noticed that we now have google adverts on top of the page. Maybe we've had it all the time, but slow as I am I have only noticed it now. The ironic thing is that the ad-sensor has figured out that we might like dreadstuff and are trying to sell us wax and all the other stuff that we don't like. Kinda funny, I think. Maybe we should click the ads anyway, just to bring in some money to the forum. =)
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recanting my earlier post that i wrote in anger.

By hippie mama, 2010-10-03
i just want to post on here that one of my later posts may have been a little misinterperated. the person who did bad things to me when i was a child has not touched anyone else and i believe its because of myself coming out about what happened to me. i came off really angry and i dont want ppl thinking that children are being hurt because thats just not the truth. i was seriously angry about finding out that hes having another baby because i selfishly wish that my own feeling about this person would rub off on others to see how angry it makes me. i do believe whole heartedly that he hasnt touched any child since i was a little kid. i can say this almsot completly for sure. i know i may have sounded really angry before in my older post and i said that her asking me what happened because he was acting diffrently towards him scared me into telling my family about what happened to me but i know that noone has touched him. and you damn well believe that my son is safe. i mean i know what its like so my kid doesnt get watched by anyone but my parents and my husbands dad because they wouldnt let anything bad happen to anyone. they are well trusted individuals and i know for a fact they would protect them just as well as i would. so i just wanted to clear all this up. and i apologize for whatever confusion and trouble was caused by my earlier angry post.i mean seriously besides how much i hate my brother for doing what he did that one time to me and as dumb as i think my sister in law is for staying with him after i told everyone what happened i mean she can be a good mom. given the hand she has been dealt with her past of foster care and abuse shes actually been a good mom and since ive told her about this ive noticed that when my brother is around she doesnt leave him alone with him. shes been real good with that. plus i mean im sure she probably doesnt really believe me to much about it either. i think shes realizing more now though that despite how much i hate my brother i still care deeply about my nephew and whatever this other child will be. but on the other hand of things they know that when he visits my moms house my son goes to my father in laws. he not aloud around or near my son at all. my son knows hes not aloud to be around him. but thats my choice. and trust me if i really thought that he hurt anyone else wether theyre related to me or not i would say something. thats definately not something i would just let go ya know. these kids mean the world to me especially my son. i promised gauge from the first day i layed eyes on him that i would never let anyone hurt him and even after i die ill make sure thats just what happens. hes my world. hes my life. and i couldnt imagine my life without him in it.i plan on writting more about this in the future if your interested. just how it is living with this in your head. how i believe this made me a more protective alert parent aware of all the evil around me. and how it can effect you relationship with friends and lovers.
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