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Dirty my look

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-23
I could never wear snobbish clothes before I had dreads. If I did, I always looked like one of the guys in "Days of our lives", combed, foolish and soppy. With snobbish clothes I mean a shirt and a jacket maybe. But now, with my dreads I can wear anything and still look, what I call "normal". Still look me, if you know what I mean? Identity again. One wants to look the way one feels like inside. And I definitely don't feel like one of the "Days of our lives"-guys inside. It's as far as one can get from my self image.Before I had dreads I had to dress down to feel comfortable and to fight against my soppy look. Now it is not necessary to do that anymore. My dreads has given me the freedom to dress the way I wanna dress.May seem like a stupid problem I had, but it was real to me.
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Elf Locks

By Eva Deva, 2010-09-23

I have been wanting elf locks for years: and have been voraciously combing the internet for any and all information I could find on the subject. Very nearly purchased products from the folks at KnottyBoy and DreadHeadHQ a time or two, but something about the use of product like WAX seemed unnatural even then.
I also even toyed a few times with interlocking some strands of my hair - took them out after seeing what time did to them...the constant maintenance also seemed...unnatural.
But lets get this straight.
EVERY site I searched all stated one thing in common.
WHY do you want dreadlocks?
I wanted dreadlocks because I was SICK and TIRED of waking up every morning and spending energy trying to decide how everyone else wanted me to appear that day.
What kind of make-up should I use? How should I style my hair? Should I dye it, and get it cut?
nothing seemed to be enough and I was spending hours a day on my appearance.
I was tired.

Six Years ago when I started my fascination with Locks, I had no social influence - no friends who had locks - I was not involved with a culture that accepted them - had no role models - wasn't even in to Bob Marley and hadn't even been to the Caribbean yet... Not even sure how I learned about them, just seemed like something that came out of Self.

2009, New Years, and I decided to incorporate an "official" beginning to my Elf Lock journey - and I burned my brush as a part of my new years ritual.

I chose the "neglect" method. And, much like how I face many problems, or obsticles, I decided to just "sleep" on it. I didn't bother with seperating my hair in to strands as tangles formed...I didn't use conditioner when I washed my hair...and, well, I didn't DO anything but keep it clean. It was wonderfully liberating.
But as the months passed, i started to notice my scalp was constantly in pain, constantly itching, and sometimes even bleeding.
One huge lock had formed at the back of my head.
I have a ton of hair, its very thick, and very long...all this weight, i guess (?) was pulling on my scalp and causing constant pain. I had even been gently massaging my scalp all this time to simulate the stimulation it used to receive from daily brushing.
After a month of agonizing over what to do, trying to wait it out hoping my scalp would adjust, i decided to brush out my hair.
This was in June2010.
It took two days.

I started over, and this time paid more attention to my hair as it was knotting. I kept the back, especially, seperated in to ropes of their own, and my scalp could not be more happy.
I also noticed a change in my mental attitude as i shifted more focus back on to my physical body.
Sometimes too much "neglect" is a bad thing, and makes the brain go in to a feral mode that is not always healthy.

Anyways, things were lookin good. I had about 10 naturally forming dreddies and they were doin their thing nicely.
but I had a trip coming up to SCUBA dive in the Philippines for ten days (HALLELUJIAH!! SALT WATER!!!)
and i was terrified that all my hair would matt back up again in to one massive lock.
So. I decided to Test The Waters for a couple days when I arrived and see how my hair handled.
I was correct in my worry - my hair started to tangle and twist and curl into big lock..
So, I asked some locals for help.
and before I know it, I'm in a tattoo parlour, down an alleyway, and the tattoo artist (who had amazing long healthy lookin dreads of his own) was taking a crochet hook to my hair. His name was ToTo (the whole week prior to my trip, I had been obsessing about the Wizard of Oz with a friend of mine, Synchronicity #1) - very appropriate, cuz lets face it, I haven't been in Kansas for a LONG time...
He had a full sleeve tattoo of elves, faeries, and imps - - - Elf Locks. (synchronicity #2)
He was very aggressive to my hair - and while most of my hair was already naturally seperated more or less - it seemed like a long process.
It cost me 7,000 Philipino Pesos. which in USD is $160...the EXACT same amount I USED to pay when I would go to the salon for a haircut and hairdye. I don't care who you are, thats synchronicity...#3.

When it was over with, my poor hair felt so abused. and i was left wondering - o shit...what have i done.
But its part of the story now, and I wanted the Islands to be a part of me and my journey forever...and now they are.
I was terrified, because I still have eight days of hard diving to do, in water that has strong currents...and I was jumping off of a high platform in to the water as well...abusing my hair further by constantly tying it back, keeping it wet all day long, and pulling a plastic mask strap over it multiple times a day...
At the end of a trip, I even swam in waterfalls, horrible weight of water beating my head and ripping at my hair.
I was SURE i would lose AT LEAST one.
I didn't.
Not yet anyways...
I expect to in the future, and I will accept that as just another part of the process and a bit of the journey.

ToTo tried his best to get my already formed locks nice and perfect and round.
He took all the kinks, bumps, twists, and shooter roots out...I didn't want this, but since he didnt speak english, and I cant say anything in Filipino except "Beautiful, I love you, can I have a beer please, thank you, have a nice day"....i decided, well shit, im here, just enjoy the ride.
And, after spending time in the water, wind, and sun, I am DELIGHTED that all those bumps and kinks and twists have re-appeared on their own, just as they used to be before all this was done...

I have roughly 45 locks now...all varying sizes, but mostly thick. 1/2 to 1 inch thick, i suppose...
And this is more or less what I would have ended up with had I let them go naturally - because my hair was already coiling up in its own sections of this size.

I've done a little work since my trip ended two weeks ago to weave in loose hair that escaped from my underwater escapades...
I've also tested them all for strength - they don't seem as fragile as they were in the first couple days, and I no longer have nightmares of waking up with all my hair left on my pillow...
I'm happy to report that they no longer look so manufactured as they did when i just got hair is growing and roping on its own now.

But lets face it...
I have friends who have beautiful strong naturally formed locks - and theirs break from stress in life...
hair will fall out. hair will break.
I expect mine to do the same at some point.
I'm trying my best to adjust to what I have done - as all along I was doing so well with my commitment to do all this as natural as possible.
I'm a little dissapointed in myself for supposedly taking the easy way out...
But i love the experience i had, and i love the bond, and i love the journey.
I guess the chips will fall where they may.

I use doc bronners teatree and hemp bar soap to wash my hair now, once a week usually...
I sometimes dab some tea tree oil on my hair, sparingly...and i have some floral water i use to keep them smelling nice, or to maintain a healthy scalp.
I'm going to try out this Baking Soda stuff I keep hearing about.
about four of my locks have been blunted...I'm leaving the others As Is - most of my locks have unknotted ends of about 2-4 inches in length...and i LOVE how fast my hair seems to dry!!!! all that water just rolls right out!!!

IF I ever decide to dye my hair in the future, I will use high grade quality hennah - as I've heard this is healthy for scalp and hair...or even different herbal washes can be used to improve health and vivacity.

I will never use wax. Maybe Aloe Vera, but thats just cuz i'm in love with that plant - so useful!!

there are things I love and things I dont love about this process - but..
One thing is certain.
I am getting exactly what I asked of my locks...
I am now a What You See Is What You Get person...
and this is just one small step in the transformation process.

Please comment.
but don't judge.
I do enough Self-Judgement for the both of us :)
Thanks for Reading, Best Beloveds!!

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standing strong

By hippie mama, 2010-09-23
i came to far -for you to bring me downi made up my mind - theyll hear me nowyou cant bribe me into silenceyou cant scare me with your violenceim to strong to be sedatedim to screwed up to become jadedi heard you apologies they make no senceyour stupid lies are just ignoranceyou may convince them but they still knowin their mind the truth will growtheyll figure out who u truly area flower will grow from this scarand in the end i will winbecause ill no longer hide your sinand you know that ill be heremaking sure no other child will live in fearbecause i refuse to go awayi refuse to let your sickness playi stand strong here infront of youand this time theres not a damn thing you can do!
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22 september- new song

By Ugglan, 2010-09-22
i recorded a new song yesterday hope you like it=) nu r jag i mitt lilla paradis hr r jag ensam med min skrivmaskin , fr den r allt jag behver det r allt som jag saknat och ngonsin velat ha ,det ger mig styrkan att bara vara jag.utanfr blandas solen med regn i ett evigt virvarr av katastrofer igen ,. vi fick inte som vi ville vr regering satt kvar men vi ska brnna rosenbad och allt som dem har.
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Sept. 21 - let the dreading begin!

By Andelynn, 2010-09-21
It's been a while since I've posted, I've been pretty busy. But I am attempting to simplify my life a bit hhere and perhaps get back to some of the things I have been meaning to take care of. Like my hair! So finally I am in the pre-dreading process. I have spent the evening sectioning out my hair - sans help and sans mirror - so I expect the dreads to be delighfully non-uniform. My arms and shoulders and fingers are already kind of sore and pretty tired, but I did manage to rip and twist and back-comb the first few. I even have a bead! lol! I love beads in dreads - so pretty. I've got a bunch of beads I am looking forward to putting in.The sections I worked on tonight are fatter and fuzzier than I expected, but they are pretty solid. At least I hope they are. I can not separate the hairs in these sections so I feel fairly confident. I am hoping that I will discover what others claim happens - and as they mature they will become tighter and less puffy. I can not really say they are thick - necessarily - because like I said - they are brand new and puffy and I'm hoping that once they really lock up they will get tighter. But since I have no idea what I'm talking about - who knows! lol!I got to say tho- I am liking the way it looks. My hubby isn't so sure tho. Oh well. He doesn't get a say in this. hahhah! Don't get me wrong, folks, I love the man dearly, but he's just not quite on board with this little adventure.I am a little worried that they will unravel instead of locking up. The ends are kind of loose, I can separate those hairs, but about a quarter of the way up, to the roots, the knots are pretty dense (for now at least) - that's where I can not separate. I remember that many people have said that locks happen when hair has the chance to move - so my roots are still fairly loose. I don't know.Anyway, since I'm doing this on my own, it's gonna take me a few days to get the whole head worked out. I suspect that my arms, fingers, and shoulders are going to really be hurtin' by the end of the week! I will post pictures as soon as I can and you all can tell me how I did. Be kind tho - this the first time I've done this to my own natural hair!Till then, blessings and joy to you all!Andelynn
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The beginning

By Shawna, 2010-09-20
Hi there,I'm very new to this site and to the dread community. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to do dreads. I've always really like them, but it never occured to me that I'd actually enjoy having them. I started off by watching the rival dreadheadhq- after watching his videos I got really excited about doing dreads and made up my mind that I was going to get dreads as soon as I could afford them. I am not the type of person that rushes into decisions and am commited to doing research before I commit to something and boy am I glad I have that personality. The only thing I found some what useful from the dreadhead hq website was a video on knowing why you choose to have dreads. It's made me much more comfortable at my place of employment walking around with a head full of dreadlocks knowing why I have them. I'm much more confident with them and could care less what any others think =] Anyways... I read, and then read more and I also went around here locally in Arizona to find someone who could professionaly do dreads. I found people willing to do dreads for me for anywhere between $90-$150, then I fell into the hands of I have to compliment this website and I know that if I would have went with the info I found prior to this site I know I would have a bald head and be in tears right now. After reading the site I decided to do it on my own with the help of my husband... I began my journey on Saturday 09/11/10- I decided to go with the twist and rip method. I knew I couldn't map out my head in 1x1inc squares and my husband wasn't comfortable with doing it so I had my hair stylist map out my head in a brick pattern so all my dreads would lay down nicely. After over 40 hours and 9 days later of twisting and ripping they're finally born. I haven't washed my head since the day I started and have only used Aloe to cut down on the frizzy's, but here is the 1st photo of my dreads. I want to encourage anyone reading this site and thank everyone for their posts and advise on the tons of subjects with dreading- it's truely been helpful and I'm extremly thankful! I'll post updated photos if anyone cares lol as my journey progresses, but once again THANK YOU!Photobucket
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det är mycket mer

By Ugglan, 2010-09-20

det r djup poesi fr hjrtat men inte fr sjlen , lt orden lka dina sr , lgga sig ver brstet som ett vtvarmt du blder blottar du ditt inersta , om du blder fr nn annan r du du blder fr dig sjlv r du sjlvisk , men ska man inte lska sig sjlv.idag sg jag en tjej p centralen , hon grt och mnniskorna runt om henne ignorerade henne , det gjorde ven jag , hur kan vi sga att vi bryr oss om vrlden nr vi inte trstar och torkar trarna p vra medmnniskor ?han hade solen i ansiktet och fingrarna i hret , visste han vad som skrevs just i denna stund , vet han vad som hnder imorron ? frgan r , ska vi fortstta nert eller har vrt folk kommit till sitt frnuft och beslutat sig fr att frgra onskan och slppa in sanningens folk till vrt styre ?jag nskar att mitt folk ska kunna leva i frid , vara fria frn allt det matriella vara starka och sina egna mnniskor.vem r det som bestmmer ver dig , gr inte du det eller har du tappat ditt frstnd och dina skor , har du simmat med strmmen mot ett stilla liv eller har du gtt ver floden med jttekliv , skapaty dig en tillvaro med ro , en bttre plats fr dig att bo.till vilken musik speivs poesi ?mitt undermedvetna sger t mig att byta sng , att byta liv , men min hjrna stretar imot varenda frndring , den har vant sig vid misren , den r njd med mitt trasiga liv. jag r njd med mitt trasiga liv.han kan skrika s hgt han kan men i ett tomrum r det ingen som hr . fr hr finns ingen som lyssnar. vi har slutat nu , vi har gett upp , vi har terkallat vra trupper och slutat slss.ska vi se vart vgen leder eller stlla oss p kanten och hoppa mot en bttre vrld.jag frstr dem som splittras i sm partiklar , dem nr sitt ml , jag gr vadsomhllst fr att n mitt s det r ju inte mer n rtt att dem gr det med ?vad sa du sa jag och du svarar , jag r han som str bakom dig i frhret jag r den som hller dig om ryggen den som backar upp dig i svra tider , jag sg han , och jag lmmnade jag kte dit , visste jag inte hur jag skulle agera , hur skulle dem reagera skulle dem hata eller frlta , eller grta , jag visste inte att dem inget vetat att dem levt i blindo , borde dem inte ha stt vara jag s bra p att mrka ? det tror jag inte . nu sger jag att jag r p bttringsvgen , att jag mr bttre nu , det gr jag inte , varenda dag r en kamp fr att inte bryta ihop , vartenda steg ditt gr mig knsvag, jag fr ngest av att rkna dagarna , jag vill bara vara fri , frihet under ansvar sger dem , jag sger frihet under tvng , fr dem hller mig fngen , dem gr mig svag med deras vervakning , dem fr mig att leva som jag inte skulle gjort annars , fr jag lskade mitt liv nu lskar jag slutet och saknar tiden.har du nn gng knnt att du bara en ngon anans , att du inte styr dina ftter sjlv , det har jag , det gr jag inte ,min vg r inte lngre min den r deras och dem styr mig t fel hll dem styr mig mot min misr , men fel misr , fr jag lskar det som r mitt och fraktar erat. det som inte r i mina gon , ett tidsfrdriv vrt att d fr r vad jag vill ha , vad jag hade , fr jag sg andarna , jag sg spkena , jag sg det vermnskliga som skapar tro hopp och saknar jag synerna och tvingas fly in i media , fr det r dr de asndra hittar sin trst , sin flykt frn verkligheten , dem har bara inte upptckt det vackra underbara , det som tar dig till himmelen utan att du mste stanna , det som tillter dig att festa med djvulen och dden utan att fastna i underjorden , med detta kan du se och tervnda , men trsta inte efter frmycket , ingen vill se allt , fr d kommer du inte se verkligheten mer.
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By kandi, 2010-09-20
so i work in a thrift shop and my manager said she doesn't have a problem with my dreads as long as i wear a hat. today's the ONE day i forgot my hat and she demanded that i go home and get it....i live an HOUR away from my job.there's no way in hell i was driving an hour home to drive an hour back.then she wouldn't let me buy one because i was "on the clock" so she yelled at me all day then fired me at the end of my shift.WHAT THE FUCK? im sooo mad it's ridiculous.i've been working there for over a year and you fire me because i forgot my hat one day? bullfuckingshit.i guess it's job hunting for me tomorrow Dx
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By Christian, 2010-09-19
I think this website is awesome, it's helping me out a whole lot, although I'm still unsure whether or not to get dreads. I really really really want them, I'm just unsure how to get them, in which way is best and how to maintain them. :| It's frustrating. Anyways, I might go to sleep pretty soon! GoodNight!
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leaving me

By hippie mama, 2010-09-18
i know its hard to love me-i just wish i could end it all-i just realize that i hurt you too-and that its all my fault-when will you finally leave me-and just realize you had enough-i know i really love you-but loving me has proven to tough-i know that im emotionally wounded-that peice of shit really fucked me up-i know that you just wanna run away-but i hope u dont give up.-i know i have all these problems-and i just dont know how to fix them-i used to see a smile on your face-now its just us screamin-every talk get out of hand-things get thrown and tears get shed-i inderstand if you wannaq run away-if i were you i would have probably fled-it would be so easy to just give up-accept for our little one-everything i do in the world is for him-he would be lost if this was all done-i wish that we could just talk it out-without shit get escalating-do you beleive this is real love-i hope ur answer isnt devastating-sometime i want to hurt myself-when the depression reaches its peak-i feel like you guys would be better off-without me around to speak-i just want you to love me again-like you did before it all began to sour-i want us to laugh again-up on the phone talking for hours-i mean sometimes we talk now-but i only get the stress of your day-it doesnt seem like you even want to look at me-you cant even wait till i have to go away-you say you dont like to cuddle-but we use to cuddle all the time-you used to laugh at my crazy beahvior-everything used to be just fine-now i embarass you where ever we go-like you wish i would disapear-i really think if it was for our lil man-i dont think you would even be here-i thought you would love me forever-that you wouldnt even need to try-that i would never ever piss you off-and you would never make me cry-now it seems aqs though we have to work on it-i hope its worth the fight-i hope oneday we can get back to the basics-and have the love bug give us a bite-i know things are getting really tough-and its so easy to choose to leave me-but i love you with all of my soul-but im not sure if thats all u need-im just so tired of crying late at night-and being your stress reliever-i know your tired of hearing me whine-and well never be like leave it to beaver-i know i brought all this chaos to your life-and your really the only family i have-you were there when others turned their backs-and i never had a man like that-i know i could never give up on you-and if ur walkin you gotta go through me-and you know lil man hed be so devastated-hed cry so many tears itd form a sea-everybody needs a little help sometimes-we all know i aint perfection-but i would go to the ends of the earth for you-your my only protection-i know ill cry a thousand more cries-and youll throw many more keys-i just hope u love me enough to never straycuz you and gauge are the only family for me -(just remember every couple fights. every family has its up and downs but unlike alot of my blood family my husband and son have my back through everything. they know i wouldnt make shit up about ppl and they understand how badly some fucked up ppl have hurt me. noone knows you better then the people you let into your brains and hearts. they congratulate you when your good and let yo. u know whats up when your not. i just hope lthat in the end of life i have my husband on one side and my son on the other cuz i couldnt imagine life without either of them. my son is the world to me but right by his side in my heart is my husbandwe understand eachother good and bad and sometimes that means knowing what pisses them off the most too..)
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