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By: Peaceful Dread
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I've noticed that we now have google adverts on top of the page. Maybe we've had it all the time, but slow as I am I have only noticed it now. The ironic thing is that the ad-sensor has figured out that we might like dreadstuff and are trying to sell us wax and all the other stuff that we don't like. Kinda funny, I think. Maybe we should click the ads anyway, just to bring in some money to the forum. =)
Peaceful Dread
10/04/10 01:36:39PM @peaceful-dread:
Great! =) I already sent you two..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/10 11:40:39AM @soaring-eagle:
if u do send mer the address it sends u to and i can filter out unwanted ads

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