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things been good

user image 2010-10-15
By: hippie mama
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man im almost stunned how in the past few days things have been going really good for me. i keep winning this competition at work. my home life with my husband is going really well and my son is amazing although he always is. ive been lacking on the sleep a little but its all totally worth it. the stress in life is way worth it for the reward in life ya know. i mean besides my latest pitts moment last friday this week has been totally awesome. plus after saturday i get three days off. sweetness!!!! i wanna take gauge to a hayride or something. so im hoping for a day where i can get off earlier then normal or what not since their only on weekends here. well friday and saturday. those are big delivery days though. i hope things stay this good atleast for awhile ya know although they say that you wouldnt enjoy the goodtimes as much if there werent bad times right? although i dont know who they are per say but hey it sounds good. lately i been pondering what i wanna do with my future. a little stressful topic since i went to college once and dropped out i just wanna make sure its something im really interested in ya that wont be an issue this time. i know i would like to fo something with either children or animals or nature. like thats not a broad picking area right. its just really difficult. i mean im gonna be 25 i have a two year old and im still figuring out what i wanna do when i grow up. i just know i dont wanna do pizza delivery forever. i want my son to be proud of me when hes a teenager ya know. i feel as though this decision should have been made in my teens but hey its better late then never right. i mean i heard of an 80 yr old woman graduating college. if she can do it then damn i sure can. i got like 40 minus years on her yeah know. i just know that i definatley shouldnt go back till i forsure know what i wanna do no matter how much others feel i should go undecided or w/e. having a son really changed my perspective on life and what kind of influence i want to show him ya know. its amazing how such a little soul can really change a persons goals and feelings toward life altogether.
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