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Feel stupid for almost being stupid...

By Andelynn, 2010-10-24
LOL! My hair is pretty short - about chin length and so the dreads of course are not long enough to pull back. So far I've been using a lot of tams and that usually does fine, but there are times where I would rather not hide my hair under a hat - but I still have the dilemma of what to do to keep the dread out of my eyes.I have been wanting to get a wrap or a sleeve and I love decoration s like beads so I periodically google dread accessories to see what is out there. Knottyboy has some really cute wraps and I almost bought 2. But I've spent a lot of money lately and I really shouldn't spend it, but I really want them... you know how that goes. I tend to be pretty bad with my money because I'm can be a very instant-gratification kind of gal, you know?But you all should be proud of me, I refrained. I did not buy the wraps - even though they were awfully cute with different stripey colors and stuff. First, I didn't like the big knottyboy logo emblazoned on them, and second I logically concluded that my hair was still too short to wear the wrap with any kind of success. But that didn't solve my problem of dreads in my eyes.I have seen many times on this website that people have suggested cutting the sleeves off of old t-shirts and using that. So though I loathed to cut up one of my shirts, I figured I had at least one old one that I never wore that I could part with and proceeded to cut off one of the sleeves. Then I put it on and it was waaay too tight. Well great. I ruined a shirt for nothing. But what would happen if I cut off the bottom of the shirt?So I cut off the bottom of the shirt and instantly made myself a very comfortable wrap-like thing that I was able to loop around my head (and dreads) 2x! It is so cute! I love it!!! And it is in a color that I love because it's one of MY old t-shirts!So lesson learned. Before you go spending money on something, give a home-remedy a try. You never know, you might just find yourself feeling stupid for almost BEING stupid!A :)
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Bob Dylan Monday Night

By Eva Deva, 2010-10-23
Goin to see Bob Dylan in Madison Wisconsin..front row stoked, and i cant wait!!!lemme get my dreads blessed with some good music.
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By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-10-19
I finally got round to having some guys over for a jam session. It didn't go that well. The guy I got to play bass basically just tuned up, stayed for an hour then made some excuse about going to help a friend assemble some furniture! Obviously the music doesn't flow with him!The guy I had for accoustic guitar is a great musician. Unfortunatly his style of playing is so soft, you can't hear him over anything else! It would have been easier if his guitar stand hadn't decided to eat his electro-accoustic.We got half a track recorded, and it wasn't really that good.But I could still feel the music flowing, so yeaterday and today, I secluded myself from the world and recorded a cool song in 3/4 timing.I've never written or recorded in 3/4 so had no idea what to expect. But it turned out pretty good.I put a dreamy sort of guitar effect on the main guitar and put a distorted guitar over that to give a bit of ooomph. It gave it a bit of depth. And the bass over it makes it a bit more complete.The drums were done on my keyboard. I don't play drums, and it's quite difficult to write drum parts in 3/4, when everything you own is designed to play in 4/4. So I did them on the keyboard. They don't sound too bad, some parts could be better (the third chorus I somehow forgot I had a snare to work with!)The interesting part though, is the vocals. I did the first take and screwed up the third verse. Instead of recording over what I already had (which I always do) I did a separate take on another track with no screw ups, but had left the other vacal track on as well. The result, quite by accident, is really cool! So I did a re-take of the first vocal take, put one slightly to the left, and the other slightly to the right.The lyrics remind me a bit of Working Class Hero by John Lennon with a bit of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles thrown in for good measure. Well I say remind me of, I was just thinking about those two songs when I was writting. I'll post the lyrics another time if people want me to.Go check it out... I call it A Room With A View. It's at hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. And I'm not saying that as a cliche, I actually mean it! I can still feel the mojo working as well, so expect more tunes to be uploaded soon!On the dread front, I found a mental loop forming on one of my tips, I'll post a photo when I can!
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My Birthday! Wippee!

By Heather B, 2010-10-19
I just have to sit back and give thanks to an amazing day!First off, it's my birthday! Now I don't care where I am, who I'm with, if there are presents or not, attention on me or not, there is something extremely important with anyone's birthday. The day we are born was an absolute miracle!I know for my mom it was hours and hours of complete pain, when I finally arrived I spent the next 18 years giving her nothing but total grief and hell! I'm hoping today Im living my life to give back and show her in my actions how much I truly love, respect, and honor my mother. If it wasn't for her making that painful sacrifice soooooo many years ago I would not have been able to be on such an amazing fulfilling earth walk!Mother's are truly incredible creatures! And what even more amazing is the children that we have teaching us about mothering, Absolutely wonderful!I'm grateful for the time and energy my family went to make this the best b-day every!!!Anyone else have their very own national holiday coming up? I would love celebrating with you too! :DP.S. My sweet little old aunt gave me dread beads!!! How great is that! :D
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new dreads

By tomas bacelos, 2010-10-18
i got my dreads two months ago and i just wash them.but now their getting too loose and most of them have more normal hair than locked hair.what can i do to aolve thia problem without stressing the hair too much.thanks
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My head is a Strawberry Patch

By Eva Deva, 2010-10-18
Srsly You Guys.So, almost two months in to a full head of "locks"...I havent done anything but keep em clean...haven't been re-tightening them with the Hook since after I found this site...and my hair is CONGO CITY ARIZONA...I've spent the last two weeks just keepin things more or less seperated...There was a point where at least seven of my locks in the back were all forming together in to one...No Bueno, Son - I'm not tryn for that...I've managed to get them all apart except for two tenacious ones, we'll see...we'll see..Its like my locks are shooting out little runners (Like a strawberry patch), little roots, and are grabbin on to any available foothold they can find.I have a massive amount of new growth and loose hair... Not touching it...A couple of my sections are dividing themselves at the roots - like you can tell that a portion does not agree with the section it is in, i'm trying to divide them out without ripping, but mostly i'm leaving it alone to see what happens.the rest is holding together nicely...My scalp is getting really itchy, but it always does in the fall - as does the rest of my skin...season change...I'm trying to go for longer periods without washing so as not to strip natural oils.It is a different experience to be in public now, it takes twice as long to get errands done, because people ask questions. it is nice interacting...People also now believe my drivers license is a fake, now that I do not look anything like the girl in the picture...gotta fix that soon.
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Peace be with you

By Vates, 2010-10-18
this is just a rap I'm workin on out of bordum lol

I'm here to preach peace but dont take it for granted homie ... you back an animal into a corner and it will react.

I'm never afraid to bite back, for I am an animal.

Its what resides in the blood trough my vains.

I'm a little insane, life of eternal knowledge be blesseded
searching for light I chase the ach arch of the covinate.

lookin for gold but covite it not.

the answers are there.

easy to see.

if youd just stop being so fuckin blind.

open your third eye to see.

the world lies and fills you with pain but the answers inside and there they remain.

the futcher looks bleek but my faith eternal.

for this day another shall come.

tommrow holds yet another key.

search your mind let your soul be free.

answers are there gifted form the gods the wisdom to share.

you just lack the insight but the motivation flows on.

for the cursed and the retched shall remain.

they build there lives in sorrow yet they hold it highly in vain.

sticking like glue in this social game the wealth they worship but true wealth is not material.

its metaphysical spritual and lyrical.

we have the power to change and change we must .

love its in my sight clear to me and the ability to be and let be.

dont enforce and shove hate down my throat.

for the noose you create shall never choke.

my necks to strong my head hard like steal I find my own path my own appeal.

for life to me its not simply put but for its complexities its all in your mind just absorb it all and it will get better trough time.

be like water forever flowing strong peace be with you
and maybe next time you can try to sing along .
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evening of greatness and gratitude

By Mollie Hawkins, 2010-10-18
I have been refreshed since happening upon this site. My locks and I have not been on good terms lately...frustration on both sides I'm sure of it...but alas! this wonderfully genuine website and all the truly useful knowledge shared has given me locks of hope! and inspiration!
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Al Natural - Day 3

By Kelly Anne, 2010-10-17
Well I've decided to start my own dreads the natural way. It's day 3 of letting my hair do it's own thing. It's quite short so I'm not expecting much if anything to happen but we'll see how it goes.All I've done so far is towel dry my hair (like I normally do) and put on a beanie. I've worn them for two days now and today I just tied it back with a hair band.I think I need to invest in one of those tam things that's been mentioned on this site.So far my hair hasn't started to knot at all and I don't know if it will yet. I'll just have to wait.
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things been good

By hippie mama, 2010-10-15
man im almost stunned how in the past few days things have been going really good for me. i keep winning this competition at work. my home life with my husband is going really well and my son is amazing although he always is. ive been lacking on the sleep a little but its all totally worth it. the stress in life is way worth it for the reward in life ya know. i mean besides my latest pitts moment last friday this week has been totally awesome. plus after saturday i get three days off. sweetness!!!! i wanna take gauge to a hayride or something. so im hoping for a day where i can get off earlier then normal or what not since their only on weekends here. well friday and saturday. those are big delivery days though. i hope things stay this good atleast for awhile ya know although they say that you wouldnt enjoy the goodtimes as much if there werent bad times right? although i dont know who they are per say but hey it sounds good. lately i been pondering what i wanna do with my future. a little stressful topic since i went to college once and dropped out i just wanna make sure its something im really interested in ya that wont be an issue this time. i know i would like to fo something with either children or animals or nature. like thats not a broad picking area right. its just really difficult. i mean im gonna be 25 i have a two year old and im still figuring out what i wanna do when i grow up. i just know i dont wanna do pizza delivery forever. i want my son to be proud of me when hes a teenager ya know. i feel as though this decision should have been made in my teens but hey its better late then never right. i mean i heard of an 80 yr old woman graduating college. if she can do it then damn i sure can. i got like 40 minus years on her yeah know. i just know that i definatley shouldnt go back till i forsure know what i wanna do no matter how much others feel i should go undecided or w/e. having a son really changed my perspective on life and what kind of influence i want to show him ya know. its amazing how such a little soul can really change a persons goals and feelings toward life altogether.
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