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new dreads

By tomas bacelos, 2010-10-18
i got my dreads two months ago and i just wash them.but now their getting too loose and most of them have more normal hair than locked hair.what can i do to aolve thia problem without stressing the hair too much.thanks
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My head is a Strawberry Patch

By Eva Deva, 2010-10-18
Srsly You Guys.So, almost two months in to a full head of "locks"...I havent done anything but keep em clean...haven't been re-tightening them with the Hook since after I found this site...and my hair is CONGO CITY ARIZONA...I've spent the last two weeks just keepin things more or less seperated...There was a point where at least seven of my locks in the back were all forming together in to one...No Bueno, Son - I'm not tryn for that...I've managed to get them all apart except for two tenacious ones, we'll see...we'll see..Its like my locks are shooting out little runners (Like a strawberry patch), little roots, and are grabbin on to any available foothold they can find.I have a massive amount of new growth and loose hair... Not touching it...A couple of my sections are dividing themselves at the roots - like you can tell that a portion does not agree with the section it is in, i'm trying to divide them out without ripping, but mostly i'm leaving it alone to see what happens.the rest is holding together nicely...My scalp is getting really itchy, but it always does in the fall - as does the rest of my skin...season change...I'm trying to go for longer periods without washing so as not to strip natural oils.It is a different experience to be in public now, it takes twice as long to get errands done, because people ask questions. it is nice interacting...People also now believe my drivers license is a fake, now that I do not look anything like the girl in the picture...gotta fix that soon.
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Peace be with you

By Vates, 2010-10-18
this is just a rap I'm workin on out of bordum lol

I'm here to preach peace but dont take it for granted homie ... you back an animal into a corner and it will react.

I'm never afraid to bite back, for I am an animal.

Its what resides in the blood trough my vains.

I'm a little insane, life of eternal knowledge be blesseded
searching for light I chase the ach arch of the covinate.

lookin for gold but covite it not.

the answers are there.

easy to see.

if youd just stop being so fuckin blind.

open your third eye to see.

the world lies and fills you with pain but the answers inside and there they remain.

the futcher looks bleek but my faith eternal.

for this day another shall come.

tommrow holds yet another key.

search your mind let your soul be free.

answers are there gifted form the gods the wisdom to share.

you just lack the insight but the motivation flows on.

for the cursed and the retched shall remain.

they build there lives in sorrow yet they hold it highly in vain.

sticking like glue in this social game the wealth they worship but true wealth is not material.

its metaphysical spritual and lyrical.

we have the power to change and change we must .

love its in my sight clear to me and the ability to be and let be.

dont enforce and shove hate down my throat.

for the noose you create shall never choke.

my necks to strong my head hard like steal I find my own path my own appeal.

for life to me its not simply put but for its complexities its all in your mind just absorb it all and it will get better trough time.

be like water forever flowing strong peace be with you
and maybe next time you can try to sing along .
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evening of greatness and gratitude

By Mollie Hawkins, 2010-10-18
I have been refreshed since happening upon this site. My locks and I have not been on good terms lately...frustration on both sides I'm sure of it...but alas! this wonderfully genuine website and all the truly useful knowledge shared has given me locks of hope! and inspiration!
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Al Natural - Day 3

By Kelly Anne, 2010-10-17
Well I've decided to start my own dreads the natural way. It's day 3 of letting my hair do it's own thing. It's quite short so I'm not expecting much if anything to happen but we'll see how it goes.All I've done so far is towel dry my hair (like I normally do) and put on a beanie. I've worn them for two days now and today I just tied it back with a hair band.I think I need to invest in one of those tam things that's been mentioned on this site.So far my hair hasn't started to knot at all and I don't know if it will yet. I'll just have to wait.
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things been good

By hippie mama, 2010-10-15
man im almost stunned how in the past few days things have been going really good for me. i keep winning this competition at work. my home life with my husband is going really well and my son is amazing although he always is. ive been lacking on the sleep a little but its all totally worth it. the stress in life is way worth it for the reward in life ya know. i mean besides my latest pitts moment last friday this week has been totally awesome. plus after saturday i get three days off. sweetness!!!! i wanna take gauge to a hayride or something. so im hoping for a day where i can get off earlier then normal or what not since their only on weekends here. well friday and saturday. those are big delivery days though. i hope things stay this good atleast for awhile ya know although they say that you wouldnt enjoy the goodtimes as much if there werent bad times right? although i dont know who they are per say but hey it sounds good. lately i been pondering what i wanna do with my future. a little stressful topic since i went to college once and dropped out i just wanna make sure its something im really interested in ya that wont be an issue this time. i know i would like to fo something with either children or animals or nature. like thats not a broad picking area right. its just really difficult. i mean im gonna be 25 i have a two year old and im still figuring out what i wanna do when i grow up. i just know i dont wanna do pizza delivery forever. i want my son to be proud of me when hes a teenager ya know. i feel as though this decision should have been made in my teens but hey its better late then never right. i mean i heard of an 80 yr old woman graduating college. if she can do it then damn i sure can. i got like 40 minus years on her yeah know. i just know that i definatley shouldnt go back till i forsure know what i wanna do no matter how much others feel i should go undecided or w/e. having a son really changed my perspective on life and what kind of influence i want to show him ya know. its amazing how such a little soul can really change a persons goals and feelings toward life altogether.
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The power of the MIRROR!!!

By Heather B, 2010-10-14
The journey of the dreaded life is so enjoyable and peaceful because I don't have to worry about even owning a mirror! Yay!!! But...that's not the kind of mirror I'm talking about. :)I have learned in my life that when I am in judgment of my brothers and sisters I am actually in judgement of myself. What an amazing lesson for me! I get angry because people judge me for being a raw foodie. They don't understand! Raw food is HEALTHY!!! What's wrong with fruits and veggies? I get angry because I can't convert everyone else to go raw. Interestingly enough, I'm doing the same thing. I judge people because they continuously pump meats and toxins into their bodies and they judge me for going raw, thinking I have some strange eating disorder! Ha!I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path....Same thing with the dreadies. People judge me for being "gross" or different or weird in some way because I don't brush and yet I'm so grateful for my new journey I think EVERYONE should jump on the same wagon! I judge people because they put that metal toothed painful destroyer through their wonderful hair? Just put across some sort of image?I am not Great Mystery, we all walk our own path...I'm so grateful to be able to look at my own life and see where I am no different then the beautiful people around me. I have no right to judge or tell you what you should or shouldn't do, just as I feel invaded or uncomfortable when I am judged or told what to do... we all walk our own path. I can look back through my life and see where I have formed different ideas or "beliefs", how they change and alter with time and more experience. So obvious I'm not always own belief system has changed a number of times!I'm grateful today to have a willingness to learn more ideas and to be open to new ways of life and to be able to just share my own experiences rather then telling someone else what they should or should not do.Thanks for letting me rant!Peace,-B-
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Why dreads?

By Mudas Dreadnought, 2010-10-12
I love my dreads......but not because they aren't perfect in the eyes of others....but not because they don't have the same size and shape....but not because I don't use wax.I love my dreads......because they're all mine....because they are clean....because mine are different than yours....because I don't care about what others say....because it feels right.
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coloring hair

By katie l largent, 2010-10-11
so this weekend i tried to even up my haircolor. ( my tips were a lot lighter than the rest because of highlighting it in the past) let me tell ya..... that will really shrink up your dreads!!!! i think i lost about 3-4 inches of legnth. i love all these changes!!!! and now my husband is wanting to dread his hair.Q: how long should your hair be before it will start to naturaly dread? he has wavy thick hair but it is only about 3 inches long right now.... i have talked him out of getting "dread extentions" thank god!!! but i dont know anything about short hair............ HELP PLEASE!!!!
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PPL i love

By hippie mama, 2010-10-08
i know in my posts u see alot of negative angry posts and so i want to make a list of what i love about my lifei love my son more then life itself. hes my entire world.i love my husband i mean sometimes we can bicker but hes here when i need him. hes my backbone at times and he listenes and helps me with problems. hes my bestfriend just like my son is.i love rocco my boxer. hes such a love dog. he loves to cuddle and when i was pregnant hes watch sad commercials with me and let me hold him like a baby.reese my mutt. hes crazy and makes me laugh. hes fun and rambunctious. i mean he likes to chew things thats bad but he does dumb thing like run into wallas cuz hes clumsy.mortimer rex my turtle= its just a turtle but i like it\my friend bonnie because shes always there when i need someone to talk to or cry at. shes came out here when i was in real need of a friend and she let me dread her hair. how awesome is that.\my friend danielle. ive known her for ages and i hardly talk to her ass much but when we do talk its like we were never apartmy dad. sometimes i feel as though hees the only family member on my side that i can talk to. he knows i dont lie about things and the rest of that family treats him, bad when hes the main breadwinner and helps everyone out.i love all you guys cuz i feel like most of u anyways understand me and can put yourself in my shoes and you dont pity me you just wanna be there for me and i love that. thanks for the support and the words of wisdom
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