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user image 2010-10-08
By: hippie mama
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i know in my posts u see alot of negative angry posts and so i want to make a list of what i love about my lifei love my son more then life itself. hes my entire world.i love my husband i mean sometimes we can bicker but hes here when i need him. hes my backbone at times and he listenes and helps me with problems. hes my bestfriend just like my son is.i love rocco my boxer. hes such a love dog. he loves to cuddle and when i was pregnant hes watch sad commercials with me and let me hold him like a baby.reese my mutt. hes crazy and makes me laugh. hes fun and rambunctious. i mean he likes to chew things thats bad but he does dumb thing like run into wallas cuz hes clumsy.mortimer rex my turtle= its just a turtle but i like it\my friend bonnie because shes always there when i need someone to talk to or cry at. shes came out here when i was in real need of a friend and she let me dread her hair. how awesome is that.\my friend danielle. ive known her for ages and i hardly talk to her ass much but when we do talk its like we were never apartmy dad. sometimes i feel as though hees the only family member on my side that i can talk to. he knows i dont lie about things and the rest of that family treats him, bad when hes the main breadwinner and helps everyone out.i love all you guys cuz i feel like most of u anyways understand me and can put yourself in my shoes and you dont pity me you just wanna be there for me and i love that. thanks for the support and the words of wisdom
hippie mama
10/08/10 06:13:50PM @hippie-mama:
sorry i had to write this real fast cuz i gotta pick my hubby up at work

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