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Wrapping Dreads

By Brooke McGibben, 2012-07-11

If I wrap my dreads in thread so that my hair doesn't show and I keep it in for a long time will it start to smell and stuff when I wash my hair?

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I have a neglected baby!

By Sussi, 2012-07-11

A neglected baby, that sounds terrible! But it is wonderful and exciting and unexpected at the same time. Here it is:

I had given up on this hair ever dreading. I T&R'd several times and every time it came undone. I tried backcombing with the same result. I put a rubber band around it in the hope that knots would form, but no. Not a single sign of this hair wanting to dread at all. So I figured it would always be loose hair and to be honest I didn't really care and just let it be.

A few days ago I noticed this knot. It wasn't very big and I thought it would just fall out like every other knot had.Yesterday when I washed my hair I was sure that it would be gone but it's still there and even got a bit tighter after the wash. Sotodayit feels safe to declare to the world that I have my very first neglect dread and I love it!

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Mah Dreadlock Journal: Dread birthing, painful but hopefully worth it!

By Doña Natalia, 2012-07-11

Hi peoples! :) This here be me first YouTube video, so excuse the poor quality maybe? ;)
I've been dreading my hair over the last 4 days, using mainly the twist and rip method (there are tonnes of video tutorials out there explaining this) and so far I'm not hating the result! I saw that making a "Dready Journal" was quite rewarding so here it is.

NEW TO DREADS? Best information here:

I still have a wee bit of dreading to do (that sounds wierd when I say it, strange word "dread-locks", wonder if "dreading" is the correct verb... sounds like something bad is going to happen and I need to be worrying about it)
Here's how I did it: if anyone is that curious...
I started at the front (by accident mainly, and because it was easier to reach/see) dreading myself, I didn't really use a strict sectioning grid pattern or anything, just making sure I parted it more or less down the middle (so that it wouldn't look too wild when I wore it down and to make styling easier) and grabbing sections that were more or less an inch in diameter/ width - poligonal sections, not even squares, though square sections are generally perferable (easier to tile).

Choosing the thickness of the sections was important, I still have my doubts as to wether I've chosen the right size, I didn't want to end up with loads of bald patches, but neither did I want someing too thin that it wasn't really that diferent from my normal hair.

I did each dread with said twist and rip method, palm-rolling every so often so that the dread came out nice and round and an even thickness all the way down. I made sure every rip / knot that was made was as tight as possible by tugging gently after separating. If the dread was to fluffy/ loose I crocheted it a bit with a 0.5mm crochet hook, being gentle not to break too many hairs.

When it was done I put rubber bands round the base and the tip to make sure they stay seperate at the roots and also so that they don't unravel when I shower (which I DO plan on doing, by the way :3). I'm a newbie, but if there are any questions/advice at all, feel free to comment!

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what to expect

By Luis Rodriguez, 2012-07-10
Wadup y'all...first time on this page, didn't even know out existed til about 5 minutes ago... Questions pretty simple and basic and I'm sure had been answered millions of times..I'm just curious to know what I should expect once I get my locs in 2 weeks...anything from family reaction to walking in a supermarket. How had your life changed since getting them? Wether good or bad, I must admit I can give 3 shits about how anybody feels about my personal choices but my curiosity always wants to know how exactly would the world look at me differently once I loc it up...thank you guys please give me feedback!
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my 2nd covenant

By Gene Thompson, 2012-07-10

Wassup y'all!? It's been a while since I've posted on here but I've been keeping up with our dreadlock community. So my profile pic is kinda old, actually, really old lol! It was when I had my 1st set of dreads which I cut off :-(. It took me a while to re-grow my hair and due to missing them so much I grew my hair out again. I let it get to about 3'' a lil more than that and went to a loctician to lock my hair, she used the twist and rip method ( I know i know, you guys are probably gonna get on me about that). She used a gel to keep the twists in, she said to wait a month before washing, i lasted a week. I re-locked on july 3rd. Anyways my question is regarding aloe vera. I used wax on my 1st set of dreads and don't want it to have anything to do with this set. How does aloe vera work and could it be used to re-twist and tighten my locks? I also attached a pic i took after washing this morning. Any feedback would help, thanx and jah bless!

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Ridiculous things my friends say...

By Ashley Kent, 2012-07-10

As a very brief form of mild entertainment, I thought I'd share some of the stupid things my friends have asked about dreads so far:

On a trip round Europe I recently went on with one of my friends, he'd forgotten to bring shampoo so I, being chivalrous and all, offered him my Dr. Bronner's solution. to which he hesitantly asked "but... what's it gonna do to my hair?" I replied with "............clean it?" XD

A few days ago another of my friends was chatting to me about dreads, trying to get a bit of knowledge about them. When I said it takes a few months for them to start looking like dreads he asked "REALLY!? So how much glue have you got in them now then??" ...genius!

And just today another friend naively quizzed me with "How much longer does your hair wanna take!?" ...I'm barely two months in

Sure there'll be pleeenty more!

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Freeform Dreadlocks 15 yr. Anniversary

By Trina Sandress, 2012-07-09

Today marks the 15th year of the journey into being a freeform dreadie. I still believe that I will have my locks for as long as I live. I have noticed that I still get the dirty looks and outright rude comments. It all just makes me stronger because the people who act in this manner still have many areas of their life that they are unhappy with and instead of focusing on better themselves they have distractions to keep them from growing to be a better soul on this planet.

I have learned to seperate myself from such individuals and to live my life being as authentic as I can.

Be true to yourself. Let no one tell you which path to walk on!

Brightest Blessings To You All

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Baby Steps

By heather ▲, 2012-07-09

On July 6, 2012 I threw away my brush. I have grown very fond of the look of natural, freeform dreads and I have decided to take the plunge. On my third day of no brushing, no conditioner, and the least amount of shampoo possible, I'm feeling some knots form in my hair. It's nothing seious yet, but my hair doesn't have the smooth, silky feeling it usually does. For once, I'm excited about this!

Yesterday, I was running some errands and decided that I would pick up some organic, residue-free shampoo. I had thought of going to the health food store, but then I remembered how everything is always very overpriced there. I do love it there, but if I can find my stuff anywehre else, I jump at the opportunity! I managed to find a nice smelling, eco-friendly, and residue-free/residue removing shampoo for a very reasonable price, so I snatched up a couple bottles. I plan on using it tomorrow to see how well it works and hopefully my hair can form a few more knots while I wash it!

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1 year!

By Panga, 2012-07-08

It's been 1 year! My dreads have slowly been shrinking and looping. Still have loads of straight hair and tendrils hanging off of fully knotted dreads. I took out all the beads I had that I could (I am leaving the ones that are stuck for a bit, then will probably either leave them for good or attempt to break them). They are getting heavy though! There are SO many short ones. Literally only a few inches long. I pretty much leave them down, or put a head band on. Hats are too warm right now to bother with.

I don't mind having wispy ends, but the long 6-8 inches of non dreaded tendril hanging off of a dread is kinda annoying. Should I cut that off? Nothing has happened in months for those parts. Just seems that the dreads are too tight at that point to do anything.

I'm still loving them though and am looking forward to another year of changes and growth!

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dreadie journey

By Naddy, 2012-07-08
So I guess I should start at the beginning I love dreads always have but at first I was unsure so I wore fake dreads. I got bored if them, so one weekend a friend of mine started putting a few random locks in, back comb n surf wax with thread to secure it all, as the weeks went on each weekend some ones else would add to my hair it became abut if s community project fake hair was back combed as well.I caught lice and had to brush them out..So a few more years if fake dreads then I had my hair dreaded with twist n rip these lasted 4 months befor I brushed them out they weren't what I wanted.Then a friend came back from travelling with a new method if dreading, the crochet hook, she did me a set as a birthday present these got brushed out after a year thanks to my controlling exAnd again I returned to my fake dreads.I split from the cibtroll freak and then paid my friend to put me anithe set in which was also extended so u had instant long locks, this is the set I joined up with.I woke up one morning and cut the extenders out. As I felt it was cheating to have extended them.After a few months and some excessive dying the dreads started to fall apart. I brushed them out keeping 10 underneath.A month down the line I had my hair pbraided when I took them out I figured my hairs all ready sectioned I'll.just leave it. But I'm impatient, I did some light twist n ripping to get them started and then just left them to do there own thing. I 3 months in and am.learning some patients I've extended a couple of the crochet ones I've left in and I've used some non damaging dyes but now um.just letting them fo there own thing and its awesome. There are wiggles and kinks and no dread is the same :-) I'm also on a one woman mission to get my other friends to kick the crochet habbit, even though it takes away from mt friends business. Thanks for reading my rambling peace love n happy vibes
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