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Charlie Boston


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help! before i do the shave...

user image 2012-07-19
By: Charlie Boston
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Hi there,

Im a newbie to dreading, a friend recently cut hers off as she was having a baby?? (not sure there what her dreads were going to do to her baby but anyway). As soon as I met her I knew I wanted to dread my hair it felt so natural! we've know each other for nearly a year now so Ive been keen on getting my hair to dread for a while. When i decided a few months ago I turned into an impatient child... When I decide on something I'm normally ready and I go for it but I had short hair, not short for me but extremely short for dreads! So for the past few months I have been patiently nurturing my hair and helping it grow.... probably not with all the crap Im putting in it to be honest! anyway.. I looked at the websites, looked at knotty boy and dreadheadHQ, the latter having me more sold but still sold. Then I stumbled upon these forums and you've stolen it from them all!

I not only want, I NEED advice on how do I start this without looking like a compete bum to work etc and how can I speed up the process yet still be natural and get the best looking natural dreads possible?!!! Im not asking too much am I ha ha ha. Oh lamens terms if possible, newbie :-)

dedicated "ready to be dreaded" dj Charlie B

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/19/12 12:32:23PM @soaring-eagle:

well to dread naturally just stop combing and conditioning and let it dread as it dreads seperate as needed

your a dj dont think it martters what u look like for work but just pull it back loosely

other option is use twist n rip then let it dread

use sea salt sprays to help speed it up

christina popejoy
07/19/12 06:57:52AM @christina-popejoy:

Hi Charlie, check out the dreaducation tab at the top of this page, this has all the info on how to go about growing your locks. Definately dont buy one of those kits, i did and got totally screwed over by it, my stickie sticks did not dread and I could only manage 3mnths You really dont need any of that crappy stuff its a total gimic!. So please please please dont bother with that. Just throw your comb away :)

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