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We should learn from our dreads

user image 2012-07-17
By: Andrea Rosario
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Born naked into this world

we stood alone

though surounded by others

wewere condition to be what society dictated we be

But some

broughtus freedom

set us to dance

stripped away the residue of society

Every color

every size and shape

reaching for echother

joining we grow stronger

We are one

we are many

we are free

and we thank you.

love, your dreads

Andrea Rosario
01/07/13 02:40:54PM @andrea-rosario:

Thanks guys.

01/06/13 08:30:48PM @spacequeen:
Beautiful, simple and truthful. I love it :)

Castaway J
01/06/13 04:38:53PM @castaway-j:

wow this is amazing and really cool so true and awesome thanks for sharing

07/25/12 09:32:43AM @margie:

oh that was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.... thank you

Andrea Rosario
07/17/12 06:12:02PM @andrea-rosario:
my dread babies wrote that and left it in my head. i found it this morning.

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