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Wondering if this person is on here,

user image 2012-07-15
By: Rainbow Fortune
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or any of you know him.

I just read Earthstudios'discussion in Escaping Babylon group, and I remembered someone I met in June 2007.

I was sitting in the center of my town (Subotica, Serbia), and there was a guy with long dreads, so we started up a conversation with him. His name is Andrew, he is from California, and had started traveling the world a few years back. He started his journey with short hair, and had dreads down to his lower back when we met him (if I remember the length correctly). His hair was blond, or light brown.

He told us about sunsets in California, and about the places he has traveled. During that summer, we all wanted to be him, he was the coolest person we have met so far.

He also may be known as meta4.

The last thing I know of him is that he was in Rijeka, Croatia on June 19, 2007.

I completely forgot all about this, until I read that discussion. And since he was such an inspiration for us 17 year old rebels, I would like to know where he is, and how he's doing now, 5 years later. :)

07/15/12 04:01:25PM @mamakittylove:

That's a really cool story! Even just reading this, I want to be him too! Hah! I wish we could find this guy!

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