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dreadlocks shampoo



By Pixy, 2012-07-21

i do believe i am taking my nose ring out..i just really enjoy my nose better without it
myy dreads will be 2 months the 26th of this month..i honestly like have really washed them 4 good times
i did a sea salt wash and have been using baking soda and apple cider to wash me hair..i mean they are coming along pretty well..we counted I HAVE 43 DREADS..makes me happy i still have loose hair and what not

some are trying to split at the roots i was going to either wrap them or really let the do their thing and when they get long enough ill make it into its own dread if its still split

buttt i also have congos at the roots that i want to grow together so i could really use advice on how to wrap them with sayembroidery threads would be helpful!

i rant btw.

a friend said to maybe put some wax on the split roots to help them..i just dont feel toooo down with that?

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Made me think twice! I feel sick

By christina popejoy, 2012-07-19

Okay so since I started dreading I have been thinking alot about my impact on the planet and the way I conduct myself, my ethics are being challenged and im glad.

I have been vegetarian before quite a few years ago. And without too long I became anaemic. I dont know if this was due to just eating vegetables. I mean I was the only one in my household that made this choice and I would usually just have more veg to make up for not having meat. But my mom and I didnt really have a clue. She was supportive but we just didnt do our homework.

I have been careful to buy free range eggs and RSPCA Freedom food meats. But I am still saddened to find that even these animals are stunned before they are fully dispatched and mechanical sorting devices can still be used to move animals through the process. To be honest it makes me feel pretty sick and I dont quite understand how that comes under the 'Humane slaughter' braket. I mean the conditions seem very strict and clear but it is still a killing factory.

I definatley am thinking of trying to eat the vegetarian way for now. And I will be looking at this time as meat fasting! Where I can search my soul and pray about this. Does this keep in line with God' plan and the stewardship we we're given over the earth and the animals. To protect it and care and love for it???hurrrrm a ton to think about! I still dont know how I feel about slaughter done by a farmer on small local organic farm we have many here in England. Something still to ponder!

But for now after watching the From farm to Fridge documentary on You tube I amdefinitelyput off.


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Out of body experience

By Jordan Toler, 2012-07-19
Last night i had what they call an out of body experience. It was actually extremely frightening because i didnt know what was going on at all. I was parlyzed in my bed, not in a way unsimilar to sleep paralasis, but my entire body was vibrating. Almost as if every atom in my body was bouncing off of eachother and off of my skin but internally, if that makes any sense. It was really jarring and when i finally snapped out of it i was sort of afraid to go bak to sleep. It was honestly one of thefreakiest things to have happened. Ive tripped on a substance for spiritual purposes before and the vibrations from that were nothing compared to last night. It was so extremley real I was in full control of my mind but trapped in my body. Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this as well.
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help! before i do the shave...

By Charlie Boston, 2012-07-19

Hi there,

Im a newbie to dreading, a friend recently cut hers off as she was having a baby?? (not sure there what her dreads were going to do to her baby but anyway). As soon as I met her I knew I wanted to dread my hair it felt so natural! we've know each other for nearly a year now so Ive been keen on getting my hair to dread for a while. When i decided a few months ago I turned into an impatient child... When I decide on something I'm normally ready and I go for it but I had short hair, not short for me but extremely short for dreads! So for the past few months I have been patiently nurturing my hair and helping it grow.... probably not with all the crap Im putting in it to be honest! anyway.. I looked at the websites, looked at knotty boy and dreadheadHQ, the latter having me more sold but still sold. Then I stumbled upon these forums and you've stolen it from them all!

I not only want, I NEED advice on how do I start this without looking like a compete bum to work etc and how can I speed up the process yet still be natural and get the best looking natural dreads possible?!!! Im not asking too much am I ha ha ha. Oh lamens terms if possible, newbie :-)

dedicated "ready to be dreaded" dj Charlie B

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Ready for dreads just a few questions

By Michael Engbersen, 2012-07-18

my hair is about 5 - 6 inches long so im pretty sure its long enough now. What i want to ask is what is the best way to dye or bleach my hair blonde before dreading? My hair is brown naturally but I want to blonde it before dreading. Any help is welcome

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Are you gunna brush your hair?

By Amanda12, 2012-07-18

asked my mother! lol.

What do you want dreadlocks?


You look like a messy hippy!


Can you like brush your hair?

Umm nope.

So what your never gunna wash your hair?

Im not gunna brush it, but I wash it!

What are you gunna do when you cant get a comb though your hair?

Not brush it...



NO really brush your freakin hair.

Haha NO!

Are you really always gunna be a dirty hippy?

:D yeah :D

Yup its true, I saw my mom today! She noticed my crazy ass hair. lol

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We should learn from our dreads

By Andrea Rosario, 2012-07-17

Born naked into this world

we stood alone

though surounded by others

wewere condition to be what society dictated we be

But some

broughtus freedom

set us to dance

stripped away the residue of society

Every color

every size and shape

reaching for echother

joining we grow stronger

We are one

we are many

we are free

and we thank you.

love, your dreads

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I look like a crazy lady; I feel BEAUTIFUL!

By Amanda12, 2012-07-17

My hair has crazy knotted volume and I love it! But my best friend thinks I look like crap. lol. She doesnt know my goal of this matted mess resembling dreadlocks someday. I am not ready to tell people. Its my thing. People will find out in time, but this isnt for them. I feel more beautiful everyday and I realize I look like a crazy homeless lady but I like it. I have completly let go of typical ideas of beauty. I have always been about 140lbs and I have always felt bigger than I want. I have had 2 children and look bigger now than I ever have been. But I feel great. I feel beautiful. I am changing my views of not only my hair but my entire body.

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newbie!!! hahaha

By derek3, 2012-07-16
I'm in my final week of preparation. I am so excited. its been such an exciting journey.
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.... A little while later........

By BlasphemyBlack, 2012-07-16

so after about a month of neglect ive taken some of my natural sections and twist and ripped some more dreads into the underside of my hair. not particularly neatly or tighly, more as just a rough guide!! will gradualy work my way up my head and then leave it the hell alone!!!

here it goes.....

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