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Are you gunna brush your hair?

By Amanda12, 2012-07-18

asked my mother! lol.

What do you want dreadlocks?


You look like a messy hippy!


Can you like brush your hair?

Umm nope.

So what your never gunna wash your hair?

Im not gunna brush it, but I wash it!

What are you gunna do when you cant get a comb though your hair?

Not brush it...



NO really brush your freakin hair.

Haha NO!

Are you really always gunna be a dirty hippy?

:D yeah :D

Yup its true, I saw my mom today! She noticed my crazy ass hair. lol

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We should learn from our dreads

By Andrea Rosario, 2012-07-17

Born naked into this world

we stood alone

though surounded by others

wewere condition to be what society dictated we be

But some

broughtus freedom

set us to dance

stripped away the residue of society

Every color

every size and shape

reaching for echother

joining we grow stronger

We are one

we are many

we are free

and we thank you.

love, your dreads

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I look like a crazy lady; I feel BEAUTIFUL!

By Amanda12, 2012-07-17

My hair has crazy knotted volume and I love it! But my best friend thinks I look like crap. lol. She doesnt know my goal of this matted mess resembling dreadlocks someday. I am not ready to tell people. Its my thing. People will find out in time, but this isnt for them. I feel more beautiful everyday and I realize I look like a crazy homeless lady but I like it. I have completly let go of typical ideas of beauty. I have always been about 140lbs and I have always felt bigger than I want. I have had 2 children and look bigger now than I ever have been. But I feel great. I feel beautiful. I am changing my views of not only my hair but my entire body.

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newbie!!! hahaha

By derek3, 2012-07-16
I'm in my final week of preparation. I am so excited. its been such an exciting journey.
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.... A little while later........

By BlasphemyBlack, 2012-07-16

so after about a month of neglect ive taken some of my natural sections and twist and ripped some more dreads into the underside of my hair. not particularly neatly or tighly, more as just a rough guide!! will gradualy work my way up my head and then leave it the hell alone!!!

here it goes.....

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Want to help, you just visit one or more of these web sites that i put together.

By Terrance Lynn Williams, 2012-07-16

You know I love helping people. Here are a few websites that I put up just to help people around the globe.
Checkout the following links, thank you Terrance

Sawthiwa no neck collection

Helping kids around the Globe

Lifeguard's firing prompts outcry

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Wondering if this person is on here,

By Rainbow Fortune, 2012-07-15

or any of you know him.

I just read Earthstudios'discussion in Escaping Babylon group, and I remembered someone I met in June 2007.

I was sitting in the center of my town (Subotica, Serbia), and there was a guy with long dreads, so we started up a conversation with him. His name is Andrew, he is from California, and had started traveling the world a few years back. He started his journey with short hair, and had dreads down to his lower back when we met him (if I remember the length correctly). His hair was blond, or light brown.

He told us about sunsets in California, and about the places he has traveled. During that summer, we all wanted to be him, he was the coolest person we have met so far.

He also may be known as meta4.

The last thing I know of him is that he was in Rijeka, Croatia on June 19, 2007.

I completely forgot all about this, until I read that discussion. And since he was such an inspiration for us 17 year old rebels, I would like to know where he is, and how he's doing now, 5 years later. :)

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♥ Henna

By Ariel Loveless, 2012-07-13

A month ago for the first time I dyed my hair with henna. I absolutely love it. The change + difference I felt and feel right now in my hair compared to using chemical dyes is astonishing, I almost never want to go back to using chemicals.. almost. I usedLush's Caca Rouge Henna[[ the most expensive hair dye I ever bought ] it smells so goooood and does wonders.

Today I used what was left of it on my hair. Now the first time I did this I used 4 squares of it, applied without a hair dye brush, I just meshed it all over my head with my hands wearing rubber gloves. I was worried there wouldn't be enough henna to saturate my head fully so I decided to use a hair dye brush this time to conserve and evenly apply the henna. Not only was it more efficient but to my surprise the two squares left was more than enough! Makes me wish I had used 2 squares to start with and a hair dye brush because then I'd still have some henna to use for another time. Oh well. (~.~)



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I wish..

By ☮MamaKittyLove, 2012-07-12

I wishthat I could take my family and run away.

We'd run to a forest and live in a tree or to a beautiful field full of flowers. Id love to live in a place where I can lay out and have the sunshine tickle my face and not have to worry about a building covering me in shade.I want to wander the earth barefoot and dance with the wind in my hair.

I feel that I am at a pause in my life because I am not fully happy with how things are going lately. I wish that Anthony loved nature as I do, I wish that he wanted to explore. I wish we could pack up and leave and go live wherever we choose to.I want to take my family to a beautiful place where we can laugh and play, not have a care in the world. I want to see butterflies kiss Aiden's nose and for him to be truly happy. I want to sing on a mountain top and to have not a single car in sight to ruin my vision.

I feel like we're stuck.

Florida seems to be sucking my happiness away.

I hate it here.

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Dreadlock Adventure

By Kayla Jensen, 2012-07-12

I've wanted dreads since I was 14 but had so many people in my way telling me not to do them, not to mention the area I lived in was VERYjudgmental and if anyone had dreads in this town they would be looked at indisgustmore often then not. Its been a few years im now 19 and moved out of my parents house I realized one day while i was putting a few hair wraps in that if I wanted dreads theres no better time in my life to get them started then now! So I took my brush and back combed a few dreads into my hair

At this point I had a total of 10 dreads. This lasted me almost a month then I realized the way Iseparatedmy hair when I was dreading it was completelyawfuland I also was getting really fed up maintaining half my hair one way the the other half a completely different way so I decided to brush them and restart byseparatingmy hair properly and doing my whole head this time.

its been 5 days with the new dreads and I love them. except they are getting messy with little hairs sticking out what not but I can accept it because I know in the end they are going to be totally kick ass and Im going to love them! Cant wait for my dreadlock adventures! I wanted to keep it on a blog so I can have something to look back on and see my hairs progress as time goes on :)

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