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Out of body experience

user image 2012-07-19
By: Jordan Toler
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Last night i had what they call an out of body experience. It was actually extremely frightening because i didnt know what was going on at all. I was parlyzed in my bed, not in a way unsimilar to sleep paralasis, but my entire body was vibrating. Almost as if every atom in my body was bouncing off of eachother and off of my skin but internally, if that makes any sense. It was really jarring and when i finally snapped out of it i was sort of afraid to go bak to sleep. It was honestly one of thefreakiest things to have happened. Ive tripped on a substance for spiritual purposes before and the vibrations from that were nothing compared to last night. It was so extremley real I was in full control of my mind but trapped in my body. Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this as well.
Joshua Earl Lee Darnell
07/29/12 08:48:32AM @joshua-earl-lee-darnell:

There is anawakeninghappening in the humanconsciousness that has layed dormant in the Western world for over 1500 years. Terence McKenna calls it the "over-mind". It's bothexhilaratingand terrifying. What you experienced was a gift bro! It's a rare thing to experience out of deep meditations or some form ofpsychedelics. I agree with Steff, embrace it. listen. experience. and most imp[importantlyshare it bro!

Steff A Roo
07/29/12 06:29:30AM @steff-a-roo:

What you experienced was the beginning or end or Astral Travel. Google it and embrace it! I'd love to remember my Astral travelling. I've had similar experiences as this, it's nothing to fear :)

Delerious indigo
07/20/12 01:07:12AM @delerious-indigo:

that is strange, never had that happen, but i have had what jonathan describes happen, that is what we call awakening the third eye through kundalini fire breathing techniques, shallow breathing with a focus on the chakra at the base of the spine will raise the kundalini energy to the third eye chakra in the crown of our heads, once that is awakened we can upload/download info to and from our higher self,its also often reffered to as "the awakening" :)

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