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Month update

By California Emmet, 2014-05-21

So its been about four weeks since I ditched my hairbrush so about a month i guess. It really so far has been a great experience and Ive been loving the freedom that has come with it. Also I am done with school for the summer which has improved my mood a lot and has allowed me more time to focus on cultivating my character and working out my anger and patience issues. Anyway, heres a picture that for some reason is upside down and Im not sure how to right it:

Tomorrow I plan on uploading some pictures of more of the details and stuff since most of the knotting is kind of hidden under my top layer of hair. I think for a while I was sectioning it too often and no new knots were forming nor were there signs of any change. However, this past week I decided to pretty much leave it completely alone besides washing it and things did start to get pretty crazy on the bottom. I did do some sectioning yesterday though after I washed it. Let me see umm... oh I had been doing the whole no-poo thing for awhile, but recently I found a no-poo ball recipe and it is positively fabulous I love how comfortable it leaves my scalp and how it makes shower prep even simpler than it already was. Idk how well it would work for somebody with more mature dreads but for me and my mostly regular hair its pretty great, anyway heres a link if anybody wants to check it out: only thing i do differently is I dissolve it in about a cup or so of water and use it like that instead of rubbing it in. Also I think I ought to mention that that blog post was the reason I began to consider doing freeform natural dreads. I had never before heard anything negative about conventional dreading methods or anything positive about doing natural dreads so it got me thinking and led me to research it which eventually led me here :)

In other news, my hair has gotten to the point where my parents want me to put it up whenever we go to church and stuff which is fine. I still haven't had any good chances to tell any of my relatives about my hair, but i have told quite a few of my friends about it as opportunities have presented themselves and so far I have not received any negative responses. So um yeah i think that is about it. :)

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Uh oh… potentially hard water… shampoo ideas

By Claire3, 2014-05-19

Hey all,

I'm finding that Boulder County is most likely hard water. I have washed my hair 3x with Dr Bronner's (although once was in Moab, Utah), & have not had issues with filmy hair or residue (but I am only on 1.5 weeks). My sister (who is NOT dreading her hair) uses it & has no problem.

I have heard a lot about BS/ACV. What is the ratio, how do ppl like this? I have also been seeing links to Dreadlock Any ideas out there??

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4-5 Months Update - Blonder and pinker :)

By Heidi Jensen, 2014-05-15

Right side always looks so short...

Front/top part starting to look like I wanted...

Bottom part is a bit harder to do, so still a bit darker... but Lookit!! I FINALLY managed to section off the bottom/neck part into good dreads!! YAY!

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Introduction. (My First Blog Post)

By ॐ The Grateful Bear ॐ, 2014-05-09

"Hello my beautiful locked friends."

My name is Keagen, and I am 17 years old from a small town in Pennsylvania. I joined this site a month or two ago, and hadn't wrote anything, so I figured it was time to change that! I love the individuality of everyone on this site, and I think that every single one of you are so unique and the energy you guys radiate is so beautiful! ~ I am going to start taking my time to blog more on this site about multiple topics, and some of which may not include dreads, but important issues such as environmental, spiritual, musical, economic, etc. I cannot wait to get to know all of you more, and it's a huge honor to be apart of this community that grows more and more each day! Have a wonderful day everyone, and don't forget to be happy. ~

Below, I linked my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out, and subscribe to join me on my journey! ~

Clickhereto check out my channel. ~

Much Love,


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By Claire3, 2014-05-09

Okay, well I am embarking on my dready journey. I was debating doing the twist & rip method, but after a lot of research (& reading on this site especially), I have decided to go natural/neglect. My hair is course & wavy/curly. Just at my chest now... wondering how much I should expect it to shrink up with dreads.

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My dreads are getting really greasy feeling

By Megg, 2014-05-08

I have 2 month old TnR dreads and I only use pure water on them. but they are starting to feel really gross.. what should I do besides an acv/bs rinse?

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First baby dreads :D

By California Emmet, 2014-05-03

So I wasn't planning on posting anymore picture or anything until my two week mark but I thought I would go ahead and share this :)

I've successfully not brushed my hair for ten days and basically I have been giving it almost zero attention besides washings, I hadn't even been sifting through it to see if I was getting any knots. However, last night I was putting my hair into a ponytail when I found these :DDD

They are near the nape of my neck and are pretty well tangled. At first they were both clumped together as one but I didn't think I wanted a dread quite that big so I pulled them apart. Hahah I don't think it had really dawned on me that its actually happening I'm actually growing dreadlocks its not just some sort of fantasy. I'm pretty ecstatic about it all. The only thing I wish was different was my family's attitude about it. My brother looks at me like I'm an alien or something and my mom is being really chill about it but I can tell it makes her uncomfortable. My dad teases me, but I think he is the most accepting of it, and the teasing doesn't really bother me since the fact that I don't brush my hair is not something a feel insecure about. Although they aren't really supporting me they have treated it better than I had expected they would. Hahah I think I'm most worried about how my grandparents will treat it since I know they have negative opinions about them and many built up misconceptions that I will have to address. My hope is that the people around me will see that dreads aren't necessarily a result of rebellion and a sign of bad character, but that they can be a very positive thing that can even improve character. Most adults I know find me to a be a nice, respectable young lady and I want to show them that my hair won't really change that since being a nice, respectable young lady has a lot more to do with character than looks. Hahah well anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)

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This really isn´t as easy as it seems

By Currychakra, 2014-05-03

Yesterday I arranged to pick up some of my stuff from my ex today. Its already been four months since we broke up.

Initially I thought I was doing great! I hardly thought about her, didnt feel much sadness when I did, so I surmised that todays meetup would be fine.

I chose comfortable clothes, forwent my tam, and brought my dog along.

As the time to the meetup slowly drew closer, I found that my heart was pounding and I was short of breath. I went to the meetup place ten minutes earlier than the stated time, and waited.

Annnd waited,

I decided to give her a call and realised that I still know her number by heart.

She had conveniently forgotten about meeting up.

At that point, I simply felt utterly defeated.

I hadnt been able to let go yet.

I was putting way too much thought into dressing down, having way too much nerves before the meetup, bringing Sammy along to have an excuse to leave, and I still cant even forget her phone number.

Moving on, it seems, will take a lot more time than I had expected.

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On cultural appropriation

By Currychakra, 2014-05-02

When I told my best friend about wanting to start dreadlocks, she warned me about the risk of cultural appropriation and showed me this mess of a war that was circulating on tumblr.

Gawd, that poor girl.

Ok, we all know here that dreadlocks arent exclusively Rasta, so Im not goiong to elaborate on this here.

This cultural appropriation thing really is a surprise for me, before my friend mentioned it, Ive never even heard of the term.

You can call me ignorant, but I hail from a country with mixed ethnic groups and we have a day called racial harmony day to celebrate.

Youll see chinese wearing the sari, malay wearing the qipao, indians wearing the gi and hakama and so on. And the outfits are usually borrowed from our friends from the other ethinic group.

So these kind of thing is really mind boggling for me. How do most cultures come about if theres no cultural appropriation?

Doesnt everything originate from somewhere?

We all learn from each other and if something works, it works, no?

Ultimately, were all one race.

The human race.

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Let's add to the bullshit shall we?

By Athena G, 2014-05-02

Disclaimer: Sorry for bringing in the negativity lately guys, I just feel like this is a safe place to get out what I'm feeling and if advice is offered it's objective and not just my family telling me to deal with it. I really appreciate this community and thank all those who have helped by offering suggestions and the like. Your support/guidance helps more than I can express. <3

As stated in my previous blog, I've been selected to move in with my grandmother following the sudden death of my grandfather. I was weary at first, but gradually became used to the idea and even a little excited at the thought of having my own space upstairs. BUT NO, that would be silly...

My step sister has been with an alcoholic for a few years now, and they have a beautiful 7 month old daughter together. But a week or so ago, the inevitable happened; he came home drunk and started pushing her around. She didn't put up with it and stood her ground, but he did cause her a serious gash on her leg (pushed her over the baby's walker, baby wasn't in it though). She has since moved into the house I'm currently in (my parents/her mom's home) and took no time in asking my grandmother if she could move into the other room upstairs at her place. I wouldn't have had a problem with that if my stepsister was a normal person. Drama (and marijuana) is so essential to her life it's practically another food group. I busted the alcoholic over here at midnight snuggled up with her in the recliner and then on the pullout couch bed in the livingroom. That was a few DAYS after he had been shoving her around their livingroom and caused her physical harm, in front of their child. I have never told someone to "Get the fuck out!" in such a fury before. Instead of telling my stepsister how stupid that was, I tried to empower her and tell her she was smarter, and better than that (in front of his fucking face). So the next night she spent the night at his place (after telling me I had to leave the living room so she could get sleep for work)

I absolutely hate being lied to. I would rather she said she needed a piece so she was gonna go stay at his place (his home is literally right across the street from my parents home). And of course when I confronted her for him being there she said "he was only there to see Layla". It was midnight, she goes to be at 8:30, and he wasn't snuggled up with Layla, he was snuggled up with HER... -_-

Now, my grandmother has told her if she has anything to do with him aside from the baby, she's NOT moving in. So I assumed I was going to have the upstairs to myself again. NOPE: again, she switched on the tears and got her way. But I'm not budging on the issue; if she has any further contact with him aside from their baby, I WILL NOT live in the same house as her. I refuse to watch someone continue to be manipulated by someone who makes them utterly miserable. I've told her his alcoholism and abuse only gets worse from here, and she goes and spends the night with him after a few days?! No.

Adding to that, she is going to start working second shift next week, so I KNOW when we officially move in to my grandma's home I'm going to be expected to be her built-in babysitter, and that really pisses me off. I was worried about being a caged bird, now it seems that will surely happen. My niece is great, but I don't want my services abused because I'm also living there. I don't want children, and I don't feel as though I'm stable enough to handle a baby going through separation anxiety. Crying exasperates me quickly.

Any insight is appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read my (growing) frustrations :P

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