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Destiny Marcano


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3 week old twist and rip

user image 2014-06-22
By: Destiny Marcano
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My dreads turned 3 weeks today! They're starting to lock up more, especially the dreads at the bottom of my hair. the thinner ones towards the front are taking a while, but i'm being patient. the ones at the bottom are starting to fee like rope i love it. there's still just some loose hairs around them but they're getting there!! I finally bought Dr. Bronner's castile soap, the peppermint kind. since my scalp is so sensitive and just not in a good state..the peppermint feels SO good on my scalp. I have a lot of dandruff, but I do have apple cider vinegar so I'll do a treatment on my scalp with that in a couple days and see how that goes.

In my personal life: got my nose pierced (yay!) hit my two week mark of NO RED MEAT in my vegan journey (also yay!) and I'm looking into the rastafari movement to see what that's all about and if it's something I'd like to be a part of. so we'll see!

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