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Nine Month Dread Update! Whoo!!

user image 2014-07-03
By: Holly Lindsey
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So... Unfortunately this was the only picture I could find... my school photo haha! This was probably a couple weeks or month before.

...And nine months later

Laura Breitenbach
07/28/14 09:17:56PM @laura-breitenbach:
It's inspiring to see such fast progress, especially since your hair looks like a similar hair type to mine. Also, Your beads are really cute c:

Jimmy DC
07/28/14 07:46:02PM @jimmy-dc:

That's awesome! those are great beads as well. Those before-after pics are great. Good luck on the journey!

Cody Harder
07/03/14 10:52:17PM @cody-harder:

Nyeusss :) Waay better than school photo hair, lol!

07/03/14 05:44:59PM @naturaldreads01:

Beautiful! :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/03/14 05:11:15PM @soaring-eagle:

so pretty!

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