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2 month- Twist and Rip, Freeform Timeline

user image 2014-06-20
By: coheteia
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I love looking at other people's timelines. They help to give me hope, patience and inspiration so I thought I would share my experience so far.

This is my hair before starting dreadlocks. It is naturally straight/wavy in front and naturally curly in the back.

This is my hair about 2 weeks in. It took me about 1 week to put the twist and rips in. I think I had about 150!

~I am not sure why most of the pics inserted sideways. Sorry. :(

Many of the twist and rips were falling out so I put some beads in.

At about one month most of beads had fallen out or I had taken them out because my hair was eating them. Sections in the back have started to lock up.

I decided the front sections were too small so I took out the rest of the beads and removed the twist and rips in the front. About 1/2 of my hair (the hair in the front and back) is freeform and the top/middle section is twist and rip. I have stopped expecting to have control or even predict what might happen with my hair. I am trying to be okay with that.

My hair is locking up quickly in the back. Especially on the right side. I think its the shape of my head, how I sleep or something, or possibly my hair is just curlier on that side.

I left the windows down on my car while driving around town to try and give the left side some extra movement. I have also made an effort to sleep on my left side. My hair in front still looks completely normal and unlocked. My guess is it might stay this way from looking at other peoples timelines. However, I have super thick hair which I purposely thinned on top where it was thickest, to keep the weight of my hair down, before putting in dreadlocks. Perhaps the hair in front is too short or too straight.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/21/14 12:47:58AM @soaring-eagle:

its coming along great keep doin whatyiur doin

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