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Dreadlocks show strength, and as mine grow, my psyche becomes less penetrable by negativity. Only strong winds can break an old tree, as it's roots mature. When I see someone with dreadlocks, I see a part of myself. Someone who is either transitioning into a new life, or a strong spirit. Not trying to get all preachy here, but a lot has changed in me since starting my dreads 8 months ago. I've opened up doors that were never opened. I can't imagine I'm the only one.

06/27/14 05:49:54AM @drs:

What a perfect time for this reminder. Thank YOU.

Cody Harder
06/27/14 12:31:43AM @cody-harder:

i feel ya DRS. i stopped combing with the intent to have natural dreadlocks almost 3 weeks ago, and in that short time i have felt powerful, positive changes in my psyche as well as in my self-confidence and personality.

what's interesting is that i had my hair backcombed into dreads ~5 yrs ago and somehow going natural this time feels so much more empowering. i feel like the natural way really opens up the energy channels in your being and thus forms your dreads as an outward extension of your energetic being.

thanks for the post!

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