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Kat Richtman


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user image 2014-06-23
By: Kat Richtman
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What a great way to kick off summer! Spent the solstice camping in the outdoors and playing in a creek! We took our kids camping for the first time of their little lives, overnight at a friend's family's farm! It was so wonderful. The best part was getting to share that experience with my children. They had such a blast, makes me excited to be able to do it again. Hopefully, very soon!

Hope everyone had a great solstice and is enjoying summer in their own special ways!

On a side note I have completed week 3 of not brushing! Off into week 4 now. Posted some new pics, but haven't been able to get pics of some of my hair that is underneath that has begun to knot up nicely. Will most definitely try to get some today or tomorrow!

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