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Amy Wilbur


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A little under a month working on my dreads...just need some advice

user image 2014-06-27
By: Amy Wilbur
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So I'm a little under a month into dreading my hair...

My hair is about half way down my back (I'm 5'3") and I'm letting my dreads develop naturally. I use Dr. Bronner's (diluted 12:1) to wash my hair about every other day.

I sleep with my hair down and when I'm driving I have all my windows down to try and knot up my hair :)

My hair looks great, I love it. I have one pretty good dread starting to develop and I have one T&R dread that I made just to compare the maturation rate.

So my questions are...

1. I live near the PA/DE line and summer is starting to roll in. My hair is making me very hot so I've been just doing a simple braid down my back, does this retard the dreading process?

2. I touch my hair a lot, I just love how it feels - does this do anything to the process?

3. I'm worried about the one big dread that is developing, I know I will be able to split it but should I split it now or later?

4. For the dreads that are starting to form, I was thinking of putting some string/wrapping them just so they have a little containment and can start to form into a cleaner dread...does this sound like a bad idea?

*I'm loving this process. I think my hair looks so great when it's a big 'ole mess :D

I appreciate any help!!


Diego F.
07/10/14 03:46:37PM @diego-f:

2 - if possible stop touching, it will retard the proccess. I know this because on my last set my hands were on my head almost every 10 minutes. And our hands have natural oils, and as hair acts like a sponge, it will suck the oils.

3 - i would split it now. the sooner the better, it is more easy to separate, and it will be harder to break hair.

Amy Wilbur
06/27/14 01:05:57PM @amy-wilbur:

I mean, right now it's just a big mess at the back of my head but there are chunks that are becoming defined as it do you suggest I split them when I decide to do it?

Amy Wilbur
06/27/14 01:04:10PM @amy-wilbur:

It isn't too's still new. What do you suggest I do to keep cool then without braiding my hair?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/27/14 11:36:28AM @soaring-eagle:

the braid will slow the process so will touching too much u should seperatre b4 its formed too big as it will break evfery single hair splitting a well formed dread

how big is it at tye roots

wrapping will cause a thin tail from thicker roots as they dread

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