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By Kerry LoCo, 2013-10-27

Purchased a bottle of Biotin and started taking it yesterday. Don't really need it for hair growth, but am having a problem with my nails, so decided to try it. I will see if it does anything for the hair (which is pretty healthy so far).

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How can i get the front of my hair to dread?

By Dakota DeMarco, 2013-10-26
I've been dreading for about 5 months and the back, top, and sides are all starting to form, but the front isn't. How can i get the front to catch up with the rest of my head?
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After 6 months adventure metamorphosis for an accordion artisan girl :)

By Esheda, 2013-10-20

Hello dreaddy friends

Here I am at 6 months natural dreading process... and i love it..

longer hair, healthy hair, connection to Earth with my babe roots, .. what an adventure !

Take time, marvelling everyday, connecting more deeply to people and nature, loosing control.. all good happy experience !!

give me your feedback ! and good week to each of you


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My dreadies and me

By Abigail (:, 2013-10-19

So a lot of my friends at school have been noticing my hair, and noticing enough about it to ask me or assume things about it. They say, "You're going to cry when you try to brush that out." "Don't you have to not wash your hair in order for dreadlocks to form?" "How did you do them?"

Well, I wanted to say that I will NEVER brush them out! I am very much emotionally attached to them already. They're like the hair version of me: unique and spunky and sometimes a mess; but with time, we both get better.

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undoin dread

By mario hernandez2, 2013-10-17

how do i undread a dread? without cutting it

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By Brandy J Seher, 2013-10-15
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Handcrafted Dreadlock Beads

By Brandy J Seher, 2013-10-15

Another set of beautiful Dread Beads. Other sets are available. You know you want some!

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1 Year

By DreadfulAmenita, 2013-10-14

I feel more excited today than I do on birthdays. It's Oct. 14th, and a year ago I was in Florida, sitting on a hotel room floor for hours, tnr-ing my hair in front of a closet mirror. It's neat to be able to have that to mark not only the start of my dread journey but also all the adventures my husband and I have experienced in a year. It's a great day! I took some photos to commemorate this anniversary:

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Salt and lemon

By Lisa6, 2013-10-13
Hey guys,So I have a question.When I had my previous set of dreads, which were made with a crochet hok, I used to put lemon aand salt in my hair.Regular salt mixed with water or lemon juice and sprayed that on to my dreads.People told me that would make my dreads mature faster.And i really helped back then, my dreads got really tight.But can I also use it wit neglect dreads? Will it speed up the proces or damage my hair?I'm looking for ways to speed up the proces just a little bit. Sometimes it really hurts me to see all those lovely dreads on the internet, I miss mine so bad!It feels lke a part of me is missing now, which sounds kinda stupid cause I only had them for like 3 months or so.Sooooo, will lemon or salt help my dreads start locking up or will I damage my hair?
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