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i have done the unthinkable and cut off my locks

By: pyrobud
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so for like a year now i have been unemployed after quitting my job at a fast food restaurant and i guess i just fell into peer pressure.cuz everybody was telling it was my dreads that were keeping me from getting a job. and that if i would just cut them off or clean them up some how it would be easier. well like two of my friends one has dreads and one used to have them one tells me i should twist the new grow and the other one had crochet dreads so he always say if you let me do it the will look perfect. so i guess nobody understands what natural dreadlocks mean. so eventually everybody got to me and with my girlfriend pushing me to get a job i felt like it was waht needed to be done to get everybody off my back. so its been like 2 weeks since i shaved my head and i can finally say that there is something i regret doing cuz now i cant wait for my hair to grow back so i can start all over again. it also seems like i really worked up some bad feeling toward the people the pushed me toward catting them.

11/04/13 01:43:40PM @stingrey:
Much respect and love brother. I think we all feel the pressure to assimilate at the beginning and durning the "messy" period. What is done is done and there is no need to dwell on the past or harbor ill will toward anyone, including yourself.The first order of business is getting not just a job, but gainful employment. This useally means some form of training. I work in healthcare, there plenty of jobs that are great stepping stones like transporter, orderly and such. They will train you if like to advance up into better paying posisitions like phlebotomy are patient care tech. After that some college is going to be necessary quick 6 month programs like EMT (emergency medical tech) working the ambulance. These are all healthcare related because it is what I know and I don't think another field gives you so much opportunity and options of advenues for advancement.Lastly, and I got to say it. Get off the bud, even you have a Medical card. Stop smoking, workout (burn the fat off where it is stored) and drink LOTS of water it is a urineanalysis test and it is based on concentration.Once in the job and your well past your probationary period you'll be able to grow them out again. Great thing about natural dreads is the change is gradual. Wrap them up as soon as you can so the "messy" period won't hamper your work and keep you looking good and sanitary. Another great thing about healthcare is we use head covers a lot in the OR and such. So people are used to seeing them. Also they have to abide by state law so if you live in a medical card state they will honor it ONCE YOU HAVE THE JOB and are a proven asset. Just be smart about it and only on off "not on call days".I myself do not use it nor do I recommend it. Keep your mind clean brother, there are other types of highs that once gainfully employed you'll be able to seek out. Personally I recommend snowboarding in the winter and surfing in the summer. Both take time to learn and master just like dreads be patient. Catching your first wave and rushing toward shore will feel way better then anything else you've ever felt. Or bombing down a steep cliff face on deep powder day shredding and spraying fresh pow all over your riding buds feel epic as well. These are the experiences you should be seeking out.Best of luck brother and God bless and speed you on your journey.

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