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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Fort Myers, FL
Zipcode: 33906
Country: US


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so for like a year now i have been unemployed after quitting my job at a fast food restaurant and i guess i just fell into peer pressure.cuz everybody was telling it was my dreads that were keeping me from getting a job. and that if i would just cut them off or clean them up some how it would be easier. well like two of my friends one has dreads and one used to have them one tells me i should twist the new grow and the other one had crochet dreads so he always say if you let me do it the will look perfect. so i guess nobody understands what natural dreadlocks mean. so eventually everybody got to me and with my girlfriend pushing me to get a job i felt like it was waht needed to be done to get everybody off my back. so its been like 2 weeks since i shaved my head and i can finally say that there is something i regret doing cuz now i cant wait for my hair to grow back so i can start all over again. it also seems like i really worked up some bad feeling toward the people the pushed me toward catting them.

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wanting to know

By pyrobud, 2012-04-27

well a few months ago my girlfriend finally had the courge to let her hair be natural. so she shaved off all her hare to get rid of the chemical filled hair. and i was wondering if there was a way to combine her old hair into mine cause, to make her fell better about her decion i told her that i would do that so she could be with me as long as i had my dreads. now i feel that i could try doing it now that my dreads are more mature. but i was dubting it would work because it was over prosseded hair

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So i made it past da one year mark so i guess the hard part is behind me. cuz i no i felt like giving up a long time ago but not now after i made it this long id have to be crazy. and i would like to take this time to give thanks to SE and this website cause, without it i probobly would have quit or i would of went the wax route because thats all i knew so to u i am very grateful. and i love my babys more and more every day.

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