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Home burning dread beads

user image 2013-11-07
By: Patrick4
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Hello once again... So, in the inspiration too decorate a bit as well as help keep things at least a little orderly, I wanted to try making some dread beads. I went to the local craft store, and was rather disappointed with their selection of wooden beads, but managed to get some wooden spindle-style pieces to work with. They work just fine so far, but I got some inspiration to pull out the old wood burning kit again and do some designs. Turned out better than I could've imagined, and I love wearing them around. They're keeping some of the more awkward spots in order, but only if they're already well dreaded and definitely dry.

Keeping them on isn't a problem, and by folding the ends I can push them through without too much trouble. My one concern is that the holes are rather small, is this a bad thing? I don't want to constrict them too much, but they seem fine for now... Anybody out there have any experience with smaller beads in the earlier stages of dreading?

Thanks all.

Jayke Watson
11/07/13 03:33:51AM @jayke-watson:
Just make sure they're treated with something to make them waterproof and they'll be fine to stay in all the time :) they might rot if you shower withthem otherwise

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/07/13 01:56:20AM @soaring-eagle:

only issue would be they may get stuck semi permenantly

but thats not so bad

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