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T&R best method for me.

user image 2013-11-16
By: Jessica Owens
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Today I'm starting over!

I like the thought of the neglect method because the individuality of each dread but I decided to go with the twist and rip. Reason being is because I love conditioning my hair. I love not having tangles. I hardly ever brush my hair but Neglect is a problem for me because if I wash my hair I have to condition it (if I don't have dreads). I don't like the feeling my hair has without conditioner. Every time i get in the shower I will condition it and it will be a constant cycle of "I wont do it next time". I also constantly put my hair in a bun, so I know that would also prevent the dreads from forming.

I loved having dreads the first time because I didn't have to use conditioner. Knowing it was best not to use it because it needed to knot and conditioner prevents that. I didnt want to mess up the work I had done by loosening them up to where Id have to start all over.

Also the neglect method would have gotten me to brush my hair. Too messy bothers me lol

I love T&R and the process and making the dreads. Its fun for me :)

Does this make any since?

Jessica Owens
11/17/13 02:49:24PM @jessica-owens:

Oh ok ^:^ thank you. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/17/13 02:16:55AM @soaring-eagle:

no dont use clarifying shampoo if you want yummy smelling dreads is the best shampoo for dreass and smells awesome

Jessica Owens
11/17/13 12:18:50AM @jessica-owens:

I was told to only wash every 3 days :/ and to blow dry the dreads because it's best so they don't smell due to mold and such. What should I use to wash my hair with? I heard to mix clarifying shampoo with 1/4 of sea salt. Can I use smelly good shampoo?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/16/13 04:35:31PM @soaring-eagle:

u should have bee4n washing your hair..all of it..just with something good for dreads

Jessica Owens
11/16/13 03:43:36PM @jessica-owens:

Yea Ive read that about the T&R method but I guess by the time it starts falling out ill be used to not using conditioner. Ive had them before for about a month and they stayed pretty well intact. I couldn't take the acne from not washing the rest of my hair and the itchiness lol but I'm ready to re try it and hopefully they wont fully go undo them selves ^:^ I'm not going to mess with them after I'm done. Just going to let them do there own thing and see where that takes me :) I'm pretty optimistic and excited :D and thank you! you too!

11/16/13 01:42:02PM @zoeyrainsmom:
I understand what you are saying about loving conditioner, I went through about 2 bottles for 1 bottle of shampoo. I hate to break it to you though, even though it feels like you are getting a head start by using the twist n rip method it will still undo itself and have to re tangle on its own. The frizzy mess will last for months too. I started by using the twist n rip method too and didn't know it would fall out so I redid it....only to have to let it go natural. You will in time learn to like the mess though. It is definitely a journey, but a great one that you'll (hopefully) love. Good luck and happy dreading!!!

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