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Over a month now!

user image 2013-11-02
By: Patrick4
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I've actually been preoccupied enough that I'm around 1 month and a week, so even more progress! They're coming together really well, having to separate more and more and leaving them down a lot to help them along... They tend to stay in separate locks a lot, and each one eventually tangles in its own way/time and starts dreading in earnest. I've got a few really good ones around the sides and back, and I'm gonna pop a couple beads on the spots that are already well-dreaded but a little flat or unruly soon. Also just took my dreads to the Pinnacles National Park for some adventures on high peaks and deep caves! Great time always. Lots and lots of hiking these days, no wonder they're shaping up so well! I'd like to continue my thanks to this site for all the help and resources it makes available, I may have made some serious mistakes by now if it wasn't for this place.

Thanks and love you all! Keep on living a life worthy of a beautiful world.

11/02/13 10:42:16PM @patrick4:

Thanks much! Really excited to see what the next month brings

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/02/13 08:03:29PM @soaring-eagle:

awesome they are coming along great

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