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job hunting with dreads...NEED ADVICE!!

By Kelsey Joy, 2013-10-09
So this past summer for 3 months i was living in Washington state.. The west coast is a whole differnt world compared to new york(where i am from) Dreads are accepted in WA, no big deal lots of people have them.. Well now i am back in NY trying to save up money so i can move back out west and get my own place there. I have had some interviews so far and they seemed to go good, i had my hair pulled back in a bun so it looked pretty alright just a little fuzzy.My main concern is will i get hired with dreads i applied to 10 resturuants close to my house and have interviews set up all this week and next, i really dont want to blow it and then be shit out of luck for a job..and i know it may seem funny but im going to be working full time so a majority of my time now will be spent at work where i will have to have my hair pulled back due to having dreads so i look professional.. and i really hate pulling my hair back it gives me headaches..SO HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION I NEED ADVICE!!!...Do i take out my dreads for now while i am in new york, and re start once i get out west.. or get over the fact that i will have to wear my hair pulled back everyday for work.. which really doesnt even let me enjoy them! I really dont know what to do.. i love my locks so much and know i will cry the during the whole process of removing them and after because they are a part of me and i love them soooooo much.
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Grey residue :( Help please

By Zachary C., 2013-10-06

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Is This Normal???

By Michelle Malone, 2013-10-05
My dreadlocks will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I'm free forming. I use the baking soda and acv mix once a week and I separated for the first time today. I had to wash with head and shoulders yesterday for the itching I was experiencing. My question is, is this dryness normal? I was wondering if it was the baking soda and acv mixture that is drying my scalp out. What should I do?
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1 week neglect

By Lisa6, 2013-10-04
Hi,My name is lisa, i'm 25 years old.I want to apologize in advance for my english, it's not my frist language, i'm from Holland.July this year I got my first set of dreadlocks.With the backcombing and crochet method.Cost me 200 dollars and 10 Hours.I was really proud of them, having dreads felt like coming home.But then I came across this website.I loved the natural look! A few years Ago I really wanted to grow natural dreads, but I was too scared, so I went with the crochet method.But with every day that passed with my new dreads I realised dreads or not just a hairstyle, it's a journey and a way of life.When i found this website i wanted to keep my dreads at first and just let them grow naturally from there on.But it didnt feel right, they felt fake, created, manufactured. I wanted dreads that had the change to grew on their own, find their own place on my head, grow personalities/ personalitys (?)So i combed my dreads and started all over.I"m one week into neglecting and to be honest, i'm doubting if I made the right choice.I looked at a lot of your pictures on this site and I feel like everybody's dreads are TnR.Should I also do TnR or just let them be?To be honest I just want to let them grow naturally and see where that takes me. But almost everybody hee used TnR or maybe it just feels that way.Anyway, thank god I found this website, looking forward to getting to know you and I'll post Some pictures as soon as possible (there's not much to see yet)Hope you can all read my poor english :p
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1 week mark

By Patrick4, 2013-10-02

I'm right around the 1 week mark on my freeform dreadlocks, and loving every minute of it. Seems like my hair was much more frustrating before, and I never liked the look of it. But even now, it seems like it suits me a lot more, perhaps now that I'm just not fighting it.

It seems to be coming along very quickly. The soap seems to help. I'd actually been using an organic herbal hand soap that we found at the grocery outlets, I checked the ingredients and it works quite well. But now I've also got a jar of my own home-made shampoo that I'm testing out. I made it with some lavender, pennyroyal, and a bit of rosemary, all picked by my own hands, and some of that organic soap mixed in as well as some Castile bar soap I shaved into it and boiled for a while, and finished with a pinch of baking soda. It seems to do well, and I'm keeping my eyes peeled in case of residue. If it turns up I'll do a good deep cleanse without much trouble, but it makes them very easy to wash with good lather but a natural feel.

My hair has dried out a lot. It knots all the easier now, especially if I keep to my old habit of sticking my head out of car windows to give it some exercise. I let it go free a lot more than I used to, and I'm loving that. Otherwise a bandanna keeps it in order, and it comes out with some knots. There were a few awkward knots that I gently untied as they did not look right, but the others I'm leaving alone, apart from separating a bit. It already seems to like staying in different locks, so I'm wondering what things will be doing in the next couple of weeks. I'm a lot happier letting it do its own thing!

Any tips on the more bothersome, awkward, bunchy knots would be very much appreciated.

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Something sticky!

By Kato, 2013-10-02
So I found something sticky at the end of one of my dreads. I was feeling optimistic so proceeded to wash it, no success, so tried some dish liquid, some tea tree oil, some eucalyptus, still no result. By this time I was really annoyed and probably to everyone's horror cut the end of one of my dreads.What was this sticky demon? Is a relic of wax that's worked it's way out? Was it something gross from one of my small tribe members? I can't be sure. I did dissect the inch or so of dismembered dread and found there to be nothing but knotty hair inside, so despite the sadness of cutting one of my dreads I was happy to find nothing sinister inside.My poor sad dread has since recovered and the end has curled back up to form a nice normal end. Yay!
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Just startin my locks, again, lookin for any help or advice and if you live on maui that would be a huge help too

By Khalib McAdams, 2013-10-01

Like i said im starting my dreads fresh again and would like to meet some people or talk to some that can help with new growth and any advice

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dry hair

By marcus dawkins, 2013-09-29
Can anyone tell me wat i can pt on my hair to keep it frm gettin dry lik a oil or sumthang i am 2 munths into freeformin
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Jane Carter Solution: Twist & Lock

By Zachary C., 2013-09-28

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever used Jane Carter's Solution Twist & Lock and have had success with it, thanks for the comments!

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My youtube channel

By James holyland, 2013-09-25

Hey you guys can check out some of my videos on dreadlocks ( there not all on my hair ) if you want of course :D

Thanks :) Heres the link:

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