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Sean Ford


Location: Clearwater, FL
Zipcode: 33764
Country: US


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Gash On My Head.

By: Sean Ford
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I slipped in my friends bathroom the other day and hit my head on the toilet paper roll holder and got a really nasty gash just under one of my dreads. I was afraid I was going to have to brush out my lock to access the hurt area. I was also worried about the fact that I only wash my dreads once a week and didn't want to get an infection. I cleaned the area with peroxide and used and antibacterial soap. I then applied Neosporin to theroot of the lock and using a blow dryer I was able to melt the Neosporin deep under my dread to my scalp. It still hurts but, I am glad I was able to treat without having to upset my lock. If anyone has any thoughts or other suggestions on how I could have done things differently (aside from hurting myself in the first place) please let me know. Peace and love.

Sean Ford
10/29/13 05:57:18PM @sean-ford:

Thank you for the advice SE and Ramblingrum. :) I picked up some tea tree oil today and will be using it tonight. I feel better knowing I'll/my lock will be ok.

10/29/13 01:36:20PM @ramblingrum:
You did a great job in my opinion. I'd just watch the area and I agree with SE. Add tea tree and/or patchouli to your washing regimen, these are both great at killing bacteria (and fungi).

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/29/13 02:15:50AM @soaring-eagle:

u couldnt done nothing but stop the bleeding and woulda probably been fine

only if it was bad enough to need stitches would i worry about anything more then stopping the bleeding and maybe cleaning it up a lil

teatree would have been a good option for killing any possible germs

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