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Sean Ford


Location: Clearwater, FL
Zipcode: 33764
Country: US


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Gash On My Head.

By Sean Ford, 2013-10-29

I slipped in my friends bathroom the other day and hit my head on the toilet paper roll holder and got a really nasty gash just under one of my dreads. I was afraid I was going to have to brush out my lock to access the hurt area. I was also worried about the fact that I only wash my dreads once a week and didn't want to get an infection. I cleaned the area with peroxide and used and antibacterial soap. I then applied Neosporin to theroot of the lock and using a blow dryer I was able to melt the Neosporin deep under my dread to my scalp. It still hurts but, I am glad I was able to treat without having to upset my lock. If anyone has any thoughts or other suggestions on how I could have done things differently (aside from hurting myself in the first place) please let me know. Peace and love.

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Front vs. Back

By Sean Ford, 2013-10-29

This is just a random question for anyone who might know answer or ideas on how to work with said question. When growing natural dreadlocks it seems in more cases that the back locks up a lot quicker than the front. Why is this and is there a way of taking what is happening in the back and apply it to the front and sides of the head?

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