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Location: west midlands
Country: GB

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hmmm, cant think of a title...

so, since having dreads i havent been...
@benjah 11 years ago - Comments: 5

bring a lantern this road gets dark....

Right well here goes, ive tried to...
@benjah 11 years ago - Comments: 5

how do.

hey, guys gals etc. Thought i should...
@benjah 11 years ago - Comments: 0

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01/06/11 01:56:17PM @lunn:
just thought id say hi to a fellow midlander.

Courtney Rose
12/30/10 04:43:57PM @courtney-rose:
its taken forever but i finally have a pic of my dreads up! they are now 2 months old!:)

08/19/10 07:14:42AM @recoverytrouble:
Hey man, how's things? Hope it's all well and cruisey for you. Take care:)

Ati Kohunui
08/01/10 03:20:18AM @ati-kohunui:
Maoriora Benjah how u been bro?

07/19/10 09:25:39PM @naturalwomyn:
Thank You! Many Blessings!

07/04/10 06:20:29AM @emily2:
Nice locks man!!

Jahsh Simpler
07/01/10 05:55:18PM @jahsh-simpler:
hey thanks man! its awesome to find such a great place for us dreadheads to come together!

Samantha Moody
06/30/10 05:37:53PM @samantha-moody:
hey dude, i accepted your add.. but you dont seem to be online :/ i dunno whats happend lol. x

Samantha Moody
06/30/10 05:23:28PM @samantha-moody:
:D haha, i don't mind, at least i have an attractive cool dude of a stalker :D don't you need to be attractive and or famous to be stalked? im niether haha.Yes thats it you fool!:P do you not use it?xx

Samantha Moody
06/30/10 05:12:14PM @samantha-moody:
hehe yea! plus you can say "i kinda know her know so!" :).lolOww that sucks! dont you have a hotmail addy? if so just download msn for free, if you don't..then i think you should set one up :P Its just easier to chat to people.Ow and i've been an artist..pretty much all my life, my mum are dad are, my mum is an amzing painting and my dad a writer, they have a day to day job too though. My sis is an amazing drawer and my brotve ris more graphic design. Im going to be going onto my second year of yni however. so :) im at DMU. x

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