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Location: Brisbane
Country: AU


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Rock The Casbah

Rock The Casbah

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Magic Fountain

Magic Fountain

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Wicked and Weird

Wicked and Weird

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_Jack Kerouac O

_Jack Kerouac O

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08 Get Myself Arrested

08 Get Myself Arrested

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There's a kitchen somewhere behind this mess!
Side (duh)
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02/24/11 12:06:51AM @chick-pea:
Yeah the emails, aren't they fun? Can't seem to get rid of the buggers so delete delete delete! Yeah it is liberating to start fresh in any aspect of your life. Glad to hear you've turned that corner, I'm going steady, just really wanting to travel and be my own free bird a lot these days (don't tell anyone but sometimes having a partner really bites haha) I really hope that great things come your way this year, it is definately a year for change and reaching for the stars!!

02/23/11 07:42:01AM @chick-pea:
Hey man, hows things going? Looks like you haven't been around here for a while (a lot like me) I guess that's the way it flows with these things huh? Hope all is well. Best wishes : )

Panterra Caraway
11/24/10 03:27:59PM @panterra-caraway:

09/29/10 11:45:49PM @chick-pea:
Hey mate hows things going? hope ur havin a great time at ur new place, i got my wish - we're moving out to a gorgeous town by the sea this wknd. I guess it goes to show you just have to put it out there and trust that the universe knows what it's doing : )

09/29/10 05:09:54PM @melanie2:
Thank you for the lovely photo comment. : ) I love all the big loops in your dreads, I remember mine doing that too. They'll tighten right up eventually into nice little ropes :D xxx

Jenny Lee
09/19/10 01:50:57PM @jenny-lee:
See, even you have a sucks. Not saying every situation is a bad one. There are people who stay together forever even after having kids. I can only hope to be that lucky!

Jenny Lee
09/19/10 01:03:47PM @jenny-lee:
Definitely not in a hurry. I'm almost afraid of the idea because of all of the horror stories with bad breakups, child support, etc. Right now, I'm enjoying the spontaneity in my life but when I hold a baby, I don "the glow". :)Sigh.....someday..haha.

Jenny Lee
09/19/10 12:44:07PM @jenny-lee:
I bet. I love kids but I don't have any. :(

Jenny Lee
09/19/10 09:16:02AM @jenny-lee:
Thanks for the add! By the way, you've got one cute kid!

09/12/10 05:12:42AM @chick-pea:
Hey dude wassup? Hope the move went easily and your settling in well : )

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