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hmmm, cant think of a title...

06/01/10 05:27:01PM
so, since having dreads i havent been in a physical confrontation, neither a verbal one i dont think.hmm.Anyway for some reason people have always wanted to fight me, and ive obliged. if trouble has ever kicked off when me and friends have been out and about ive stepped in and sorted it out. ive always enjoyed fighting.well the other day me and a friends were being given some greif, and it was about to get heavy, i got the feeling i get adrenilin buzz hostile targeting system and such.... but i stopped.... things.... slowed down. i came to realise i havent done this since growing locks, why should i ruin and spoil what they mean to me?I'm not going to get blood on my dreads today. I AM GOiNG TO WALK ON BYIve had a bad feling for a rew days now because i didnt expell my inner whatever it is but im feeling better about it now.Jus thought id share that experience with you all. it wasn't religous, im slightly sceptical that it was spirtual, but it was somthing man it WAS somthingpeace and respect.
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