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bring a lantern this road gets dark....

05/25/10 05:15:16PM
Right well here goes, ive tried to talk about this in various places and people tend to stay away. i understand that its a fucked up situation but why ask then run away?Anyways, my path to happiness has been a dark one, this is your last chance to runaway many others the year of 1994 my dad got a brain tumour, on the 14th of december 94 he went into hospital, on the 25th he pretty much died. he didnt come home for 6months due to being in a heavy coma, during this time he had aswell as the tumour a blood clot a stroke and an infection. he came home suffering from epilepsy and being paralysed on his right hand side(hes akways been right handed) through many years of shit we've come really far. he still has limited mobility and forgetfullnes nad things related to head injuruies but we are getting there. about 3yrs ago i was diagnosed with m.e which asucks but im getting better to. last august my dads mum died afetr being ill for ages, just after christmas one of our dogs died the 2weeks later my mums dad died. last week mt brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour too, different to what my dad had so it isnt heridatory, but its still a worry worst case scenario its cancerous (its in his frontal lobe).so you know tings are pretty shit but im still smiling, no mater how bad things get they can always get worse, we are still a family we are still friends come together and hold up those in need, the world is one we can get through someone once said good or bad "this too shall pass! im sorry if this is too heavy a thing to deal with but there it is, i had to get it out and i felt comfortabe doing it here, my eyes maybe leaking but ive said what i an i needed to say, im letting go bit by bit. thank you for reading peace love and respec.
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