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dreadlocks shampoo
Samantha Moody


Location: Coventry
Country: GB

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Me when i was dark.
Very old dreads.
me part 2 point 2.
me prt2


10/15/10 03:30:04PM @skelly:
nice dread , skellyrasta

07/01/10 11:41:57AM @benjah:
just noticed this bit didnt come up when i replied,"don't you need to be attractive and or famous to be stalked? im niether haha."are you serious?! you are most definatly both!

06/30/10 05:43:18PM @benjah:
cool, im not sure either, god i feel old! cant seem to figure it out heheh!

06/30/10 05:27:40PM @benjah:
now im not sure if its you thats turned me red or several hous in the midday sun, madmen and englishdogs indeed!DUH!!! another reasont to have foolish tatooed, no it was somthing my bro put on, but ive just signed up so i'll be sorted in a mo!

06/30/10 05:17:40PM @benjah:
heheh, true! but then dont stalkers kinda know people too? i think i shant mention stalkers again actually!i think there might be windows live messenger or somthing on this pc jobby, i'll check.sounds like one big funky family! awesome!

06/30/10 05:05:20PM @benjah:
hehehm so when people ask i can reply, "well im not really a stalker, not fully anways" hehe.dont you EVER feel bad telling people, your shit is your shit!yeh, id love to chat on msn but i dont have it! waaaahhh!

06/30/10 04:47:37PM @benjah:
yeh, that would be cool, kinda feels like im erm.... stalking you? in a wierd sorta way heheh.that sounds like a great amonut of ink! i'd like to see them sometime, i totally understand about you worrying about tatoo pilfering, maybe when you trust me a bit more i could take a sneaky peek!so how long have you been studying fine art for?

06/30/10 03:49:33PM @benjah:
yep, uber posh it seems lots of little bistros and such.Whatever method you go for they will look awesome, just stay away from the wax!heheh odds good. do you have the issue no for the bizarre? i think hes got about 20 mags stashed away somewhere.ive got lots of designs ive drawn up(mostly rough sketches)an evil clown face(sort of a self portrait from years and years ago, pre dreads)the word foolish in alphabet blockssome crossed pirate pistols(must go on my hand, not many places will do it as a first tatoo)safety pin going through the skina V with 5stars in (one for each of my family for my neck)a sort of spiraly thingfreq show on my knuckles, to represent the drag racing team im part of and my freq nature.more ideas in my head. phew that goes on a bit doesnt it?!so what ink do you have?

06/29/10 02:53:47PM @benjah:
im sure it is, stratfords really postcardy and chocolate boxy, havent ventured very far into town really, ive got a friend in leamington so ive been about there, kinda strange.i know someone who did the twist and rip, they said it took 14/15 hrs so you'll be in for a long ride.weird that youve been in both mags! i think my bros got some old bizarres knocking about i'll have to check!a similar situation has happened to me before i saw this guys back piece in skin deep then a few months later bought a snake of him, the choice was tatoo or snake, so we chatted about that he recommended Alzone and showed me his piece, it was kinda odd i guess.Still dont have any ink yet!

06/29/10 12:31:06PM @benjah:
cool, the closest i get to cov is when we go drag racing in stratford upon avon.yep. oh dear indeed, i was really pissed off at the time but it turned out for the best!there is no shame in having some hands on help, going totally natural does take time so twist and rip is the next best thing, im sure there is a how to somewhere on here.Im also sure ive seen you in a magazine somewhere, maybe kerrang or bizarre. i dont know if i did or not anyway im rambling a bit arent i? might have been some similar dreads maybe.laters!

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