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Zipcode: 60152
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lets trade!! :)

I love to crochet Tams, although i...
@Sunshine 7 years ago - Comments: 2

Baby Dreads!!!

I started dreading five days ago....
@Sunshine 7 years ago - Comments: 3

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clay pendants i made on hemp and a beaded bracelet
hat and scarf i made
coffee mug cozis
some earings.
crochet multi colored beret
yellow and brown bead earings
crochet gold infinity scarf
assorted hemp bracelets
new sweater.
new scarf
two month dreadlocks


01/20/12 09:48:28AM @mellowtone:

sunshine! :D i finally got in this site after it seems like forever. well i don't have dreads at the momentand that's why i haven't been on! i went to the salon to get my hair lightened and it practically killed my hair! it breaks sooo easy now... :( so i've been taking hair skin and nail vitamins three times a day and it's growing pretty fast! i can't wait till it's healthy again because i'm not me without my dreads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are yours?????

11/07/11 07:08:19PM @bowerydoll:

Thanks for the add, kiddo. It's great to meet you here. Have fun with the bleaching/dying -- let us know how it's going -- and never hesitate to ask any questions! :o) x0x

10/19/11 01:29:48PM @hippyfish:

Hey! We could totally trade.. I do knit, but don't crochet, a crocheted tam would be awesome, and I could make you a couple of peyote sleeves since that seems like a lot... just let me know what you would prefer, colors, sleeve size, design and all that ;)

10/17/11 03:48:27PM @mellowtone:

I JSUT GOT MY CROCHET NEEDLES! ahhhhhhh i'm excited :)

Jack Greenwood
10/17/11 12:10:34PM @jack-greenwood:

Hi :)

shea bannon
10/16/11 02:26:00AM @shea-bannon:

you rock for adding me !!!!

09/29/11 05:40:57PM @exalthimx7:

Hi Sonja and Welcome!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/11 08:56:51PM @soaring-eagle:

Adrian Keenan
07/03/10 04:37:23PM @fanci-taylor:
So you went to edc, I take it you live here in Cali then? My supervisor went, told me it was amazing but a lot of people got hurt jumping the fence to get to the main floor and a few people died from overdosing.But it all honesty, I think the ones in the UK are probably better then the ones we have out here haha.

06/24/10 04:02:48PM @krissy-renee-jans:
i would deffinately check out she really knows her stuff and will be willing to help you all the way through

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