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Location: San Francisco, CA
Zipcode: 94110
Country: US

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Apokni ("Grandma" in Chahta/Choctaw) and the palm trees
Hokni Bea ("aunt Bea" in Chahta/Choctaw) and me
Me in the nursery -- 1 day old
Sweet Joey Ramone's resting place
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Beautiful Ishki ('mom' in Chahta/Choctaw) in her favorite bun
Hashki ('my mom' in Chahta/Choctaw) and me
Dad and his friends at the steel mill
The amazing Toni Morrison
Beautiful Traditional Dancer at a Nansemond Pow Wow
Dear Frida


Izzy Starchild
05/14/12 10:52:43AM @izzy-starchild:

Much Respect Jah Rastafari! Dig Iggy and the Stooges you have on your playlist!

01/12/12 08:40:20PM @soulsurvivor:

Im so glad that it was you and I recognized you!!.... I looked for you when I came back to dreadlocksite, Im glad I found you (: How have you been? yeah I got frustrated last time and buzzed my head for summer, but I missed them sooooo much, had to start over. Yes Im keeping my hands busy as well as my OCD Panterra has been a HUGE help...

Panterra Caraway
01/12/12 02:33:53AM @panterra-caraway:

My beautiful, luminous Sister!!! I can't think of a better gift today, than to hear from you! I have missed you and had you on my mind all this past week. I hope you are happy and well and are shining your fabulous light out in our world. The universe answered my prayer, it whispered in your ear and you stopped by to wish me well. I am truly blessed. I love you very much <3 Thank you.

Trina Sandress
11/19/11 04:37:08PM @trina-sandress:

Just stopped to say hello and hope that you aren't caught up in the Christmas shopping hysteria. I love this son by Patti Smith by the way.

Warm Regards,


11/10/11 12:01:16AM @aika:

thank you for accepting :) your site makes me smile

Gee Chin
09/19/11 09:13:02AM @gee-chin:

Thank you for the friendship :) hope all is well with you and I look forward to speaking to you. Take care

new dreddie
09/17/11 05:26:21PM @new-dreddie:


Karrington <3
09/06/11 03:24:44PM @karrington-3:

Its good to meet you too.. :)

I love meeting people that are genuinely kind.

Rashad Toney
08/10/11 09:35:13AM @rashad-toney:
Thank you, I hope the same goes for you(:

07/28/11 11:22:38PM @erutxet:
Hi, need help, lol. Okay, so I started my dreads with a lot of locking gel .. and it has built up in my hair and it looks dirty... like white flaky stuff. Also lint sticks to it.. should I sleep with a head cap every night. I hate that the white stuff shows up in them.. basically I want to only twist once a month or so.. any tips.. will the dirtiness and lintiness go away :(

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