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Fanci Taylor


Location: Ceres, CA
Zipcode: 95307
Country: US

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/27/11 10:51:55AM @soaring-eagle:

05/09/11 10:09:00AM @alexandru-andrei-roman:
how are you friend?

03/27/11 01:31:22PM @alexandru-andrei-roman:
hi^^, oh rachel how are you? haha i like your music i love "marijuana" haha but i cant use that! haha

anthony malette aka TMan
08/18/10 12:18:37PM @devin3:
is it?thnks.niway have u ever been to malaysia?

08/18/10 12:37:41AM @paul-thomas:
welcome, bra... haha! and thank you! :)

Kevin Fraser
08/17/10 07:04:25PM @castaway-j:
Bamboo being grass have really massive root system that can hold soil during massive erosion as is the case with flooding...I heard the same thing about cannabis but we already got tons of fields of it growing which gets destroyed during floods..actually m trying to save those fields..dnt care abt the yes airbender sucked so bad that it reminded me of avp reqiuem...hehe..thank god predators was goodi dig morrison too..but then who doesnt? :)

Kevin Fraser
08/16/10 03:47:09PM @castaway-j:
o thanks...yea bamboo replinishes used soil and also provides fine timber...which matures in 10yrs compared to 25yrs for oak,teak etc... so we have been using this documentary to get govt assistance in resettling ppl from flood prone areas cheaply...i hope i make a decent zombie flick..atleat not shyamalan bad anyways..;)yes i saw air bender..and it was dread-wax

Amy Bliss
08/15/10 07:56:49PM @freebird:
hello there first friend :) Hope you are having a grate day!!

Kevin Fraser
08/15/10 12:33:55AM @castaway-j:
i was making the one abt indian vilage...but then i got this deal with a studio abt a zombie action flick so im concentrating on that first...get the money and use that for the documentary....i have also applied to the govt to fund a documentary against tree cutting and using infertile grounds for bamboo plntation cz it converts them into fertile lands..while providing timber n stuff...lets see how it was fun to write this while morrison sang in the bg...cheers

isolated biological phenomenon
08/14/10 07:43:31PM @stephen-tyler-moore:
yay! same, actually. my hair's really dark though so it'll take a little longer. the ones on the top layer of my hair are more formed than underneath for some reason, but i feel them beginning to form. thanks!

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