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Location: Vancouver Island
Country: CA

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Island Mamma

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Island Mamma

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Plastic Bottle Island

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Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are Estrogen Producing

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Legalize it? No way!

I am not against marijuana, I believe...
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dready update nov 20 2010
dready update nov 20 2010
dready update nov 20 2010
dready update Nov 20 2010
Rasta Reuben of Sallasie iPower Band
Dreadlock Grandpa Holding Sleeping Birthday Girl
love when she strums her one string guitar, it actually sounds great
another self directed shot
she's got skills, a self directed shot


Kingston Leblon
05/02/11 03:56:21PM @kingston-leblon:

Forgive me for the message , other day , i studied the case , and i saw , that is not some thing so easy , i hope that you forgive me .




Kingston Leblon
04/30/11 04:56:25PM @kingston-leblon:

Hi sister !

How do you do ?

I sent a message for you , take a look later .


Spider Feet
03/22/11 09:47:47AM @spider-feet:
Hey Mamma, Just noticed your comment. Just haven't been on the forum for awhile, could say I went walkabout. ;)

Trina Sandress
01/03/11 12:47:24PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for adding me as a friend here at this very friendly dreaddy spot! I hope you and your family are having a very fun and relaxing New Year!!!:0)

Loc Lava
10/09/10 07:20:59PM @loc-lava:
Thanks so much. I know he is just a nice kid looking for himself. I did not want him to think we are all so hard core. :)

Panterra Caraway
09/19/10 12:29:04PM @panterra-caraway:
Thanks again lovey! XOXO And kiss your beautiful babies for me too!

Panterra Caraway
09/19/10 10:20:12AM @panterra-caraway:
Can you believe the person on the phone hung up before I could nswer?!!! Thank you for the love sweetie. I have not gone to a doctor, much to my husband's dismay. I have a fat, purple, suasage on the end of my foot! We tried to tape it but it hurt worst. I have just been with the ice bag and laying about.I hope it heals up quick because it is such a pain! Lol I went to the grocery yesterday and felt like I was in an obstacle course trying not to get it stepped on!!! Think there is anything else I could try to help it heal? Any herbs? Sending you much love and a ((HUG))!!

Kingston Leblon
09/14/10 08:43:50PM @kingston-leblon:
Thank you so much , a nice week for you .Many greats !

08/30/10 03:45:23PM @spacemantravis:
haha thank you i think its funny too haha

Jeffree Vega.
08/11/10 05:42:54AM @jeffree-vega:
Thank you very muchI'm proud to be part of a community with such wonderful people, like yourself (:And thank you for the add :D

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