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What Protests Have You Been To?

Island Mamma
07/18/10 11:07:44PM
I love gentle warriors who stand together for true justice, just wondering what (if any) protests everyones been involved with.I have only been to one protest, I went with my kids. A local man was beaten by some white supremacists and we went and showed our support at a rally against racism.I was interviewed by the press about the Quebec referendum in the late 80's/early 90's and my words were published.Last summer my son and I were interviewed and on the local news and my daughter was photographed and on the entire front cover of the news paper. She was the youngest one there with a sign, her sign read "Love One Another"I am also part of an ongoing online protest for the Human rights of women and babies who systematically are targeted for breastfeeding in public and for breastfeeding images. We have made world wide headlines.
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