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Legalize it? No way!

Island Mamma
04/23/10 02:51:37PM
I am not against marijuana, I believe it is a miracle herb and should be incorporated into society in more ways than just smoking it.I used to think it would be cool and freeing to have MJ legalized but have since changed that view.Everything the government gets it's hands on turns into a gong show.We will be taxed to death (especially Canadians lol) and I think it will mess with the integrity of the strains and the gov will likely put all kinds of chemicals into it just like they do with tobacco.I like being independent and free when I smoke, not under law and confined to certain stains or amounts set up by government regulations, which could very well happen if legalized.I don't hold faith in the governments they are corrupt for the most part.Why the hell would I want to let them have control over this sacred herb? Don't they control enough already?I'm for less laws and confinement not more!I would hate marijuana to be the next tobacco industry.Decriminalized but not legalized.I look forward to hearing some compelling reasons why you think it should or shouldn't be legal.
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