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Why Full Term Breastfeeding (Two Years and Beyond) Is So Essential

Island Mamma
07/05/10 12:04:37AM
The average world wide age of weaning is 4 years old.Allowing a child to wean on their own is the normal way for humans to feed their off spring. Perhaps not normal in todays fast food society but normal in the development and history of humans.The past 100 or so infant formula was introduced as a commercial "convenience product" and since then breastfeeding numbers have sadly taken a drastic plummet.Now only about 2% of woman breastfeed full term despite the fact that about 98% of woman are capable.Many start out with breastfeeding but often stop early due to lack of knowledge or support.Why breast feed full term?It is what is required by the human body for cellular development.Human-milk is alive and designed specifically for your babies/childs needs.Human milk changes and adjusts to meet the needs of the child/baby receiving it, for example, baby/child is sick, through intricate chemical detection passed from the babies/childs saliva to the mothers areola the mother will produce anti body rich milk to boost the babies/childs immunity.At approximately two years of age the milk will change and become colostrum like with another immunity booster.A childs immune system doesn't develop until the age of 6/7.Breastfeeding also has tremendous value beyond nutrition and offers nurturing and comfort that is unparalleled. It has natural human chemicals that dull pain and also teaches a woman to slow down and connect and parent in a gentler way.
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