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Birthday issues

Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
So my birthday is approaching fast and while I haven't had a proper party or anything in the last few years, this year it feels totally insignificant, I had to even ask my parents to make sure I had the right date, does anyone else feel that way? I'm just not having the usual excitement/anticipation and I was wondering if anyone else felt like that. Peace
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Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

I've never forgotten the date of my birthday, but I know a few people who don't care about it so they end up not even really remembering. Maybe as people get older, it holds less excitement for them unless they're one of those super-happy people that love an excuse to celebrate something or do something. So I don't think it's very uncommon.

5 years ago
336 posts

I found the older I get the less significance birthdays have for me. I'm glad I got another year to live and bless people, but I don't really care about the actual day any more']

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,589 posts

ive missed mihe by weeks it was the next month when i realized i forgot my birthday

but last couple years i only remember cause i get thousands of happy birthdays on facebook

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la Renarde
5 years ago
54 posts

To me, my birthday never really been important. Well, I'll have to admit I liked the gifts and the special dinner when I was a kid, but I never felt the need to celebrate it. I actually invited friends to share this day with me only twice in my life, and really just because of social reasons or experiments. I actually don't usually talk about my birthday if not clearly asked, and never celebrate it. Well, of course, I don't forget about it cause my family members always call me on this particular day, but if not for them, I would probably simply live it like any other day of the year. In fact, I don't care about birthdays at all. I used to remember every birthday of everyone I knew, but now I usually forget people's birthday (even my mom's and husband's!). I try to remember them though, to be nice to people for who this is an important matter, but actually fail most of the time. So thanks Facebook for thinking about it for me ;)

Michelle Bueno
5 years ago
8 posts
I think it matters less and less because you learn to live for the day that's happening right now. I have forgotten so many peoples birthdays recently it's not even funny. But I can't help it that I'm so focused on today and not days months or even a year from now. It is technically just another day but you should treat every day like it's your birthday. Celebrate and enjoy the fact that you get another blessed day on this beautiful earth.Much love and peace.
5 years ago
11 posts

sometimes i forgot how old i am , it just doesnt matter

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