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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/20 12:25:23PM
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Do i have traction alopecia

Help! Save My Dreads

its not my site just reply to the email she sent ya for orfder confirmation i can calk her too

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/20 12:04:43PM
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Do i have traction alopecia

Help! Save My Dreads

you coiuld email her ask her to swap it for another bar

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/20 10:26:06AM
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Do i have traction alopecia

Help! Save My Dreads

very quick though i wouldnt have gotten the spray fir the same reason i said bar not liquid the liquid has sea salt in it  sea salt dries out the hair, great for accelerating the dreading of non african hair but for african hair it is too drying

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/20 10:10:01AM
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Do i have traction alopecia

Help! Save My Dreads

any u want and they rinse out with extreme ease

but locs is a made up word like locticians its not in any disctionary however locks is in  thousands of books friom the bible to shakspear

locs is a term they use again to shame you into thinking the k makes them unexceptaable so you must maintain them  for a free

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/20 07:55:40AM
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Do i have traction alopecia

Help! Save My Dreads

yes you do but its minor and very likely reversable

if you search i think its in the featured discussions theres a post thats called traction alopecia (or balding forget which) caused in just 10 (was it weeks or months) 

this guy was the old "fryer tuck' look  a huge  bald spot  at least 6-8 inches across completely bald

and that was cause he was retwisting twice a week

now why do they even make you THINK retwisting is a good idea? they want you to be ashamed of having hair on your scalp, but not just any hair that 'unsightly nappy hair" and the most ironic thing of all is most of the locticians causing it themselves are black

case in point just last night had a conversation with the nastiest loctician in france from locks itup with style

paraphrasing but went basicly like this

(she tried joining our group)

me: hi we don't normally allow locticians but since you spelled locks right i'll give you the benifit of doubt and talk 1st

me: oh never mind i saw the photos your causing the same traction alopecia they all do


me: you don't care that your causing balding?

her ;NOPE

me; well i do cause i have ethics


(note she was talking in all caps)

me: invented/ i'm confused invented what, hair?

and from there went on into the typical racist rant

but she kept saying again and again that she didn't care if she caused balding

1% thats all i have found in the entire world with ANY ethics whatsoever

1% that either will not do a retwist or style if theres thinning already.. 1% that will say sorry we do not do these unhealthy methods 1% willing to say your hairs not healthy you need to stop doing ____

ok sorry for the long rant  you just wanted to know how to fix it

here you go

1 NEVER RETWIST AGAIN don't palm roll either just wash and separate you should have hair on the scalp its not unsightly its healthy the bald checkerboard or 'doll head' look  with thinning dreads surrounded by scalp..thats unsightly and painfutl to look at

2 use this massage technique with these oils

the most ironic thing of all they have people convinced they have to do it to fit in with white society and get a job

but most while people see it and cringe at the tightness

and not 1 employer cares iif yoyr dreads have loosehair they care if your loose hair has dreads

and the law, at least here, protects dreads in the workplace not because of race or culture, but because of belief..'any sincerely held belief' 

whats in common with ALL religious or spiritual dreads/ they are all natural, unmaintained

so they are literally having you throw away your only RIGHT in exchange for profit (theirs)

again sorry for the long rant haha just woke up

but don't shave or cut these are almost certainly savsable 100%  although nothings certain with traction alopecia 1 person can twist  every week and havbe very little thinmning for years another can have permenant harm in months

so its a 'mosest lukely 100%' siutuation although since its pretty minor it shoulod

no tension on the scalp at all tilk recovered. styling  pony tails anything

do the massage

how often do you wash it/ if you took a locticians advice  double it or faer more likely increase it by a factor of 10-20

weekly at least

though i would recommend a fully natural shampoo like (bars only for your hair type)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/29/20 12:10:00PM
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TnR Question

General Questions

god yes mean the manicured looks so harsh and the unmaintained so soft and organic


this is how i look at it

unifomity is overrated

which environment would you rather live in the splendor of nature  or one of thiose all uniform develo0pments where every hoiuse looks the same?

for that matter why would you have pride in YOUR dreads when your dreads look exactly like everyone elses

i prefer the beauty of organic nature way more then uniformity

(had to search a folder on a drive with several thousand photos and it was one ofthe very last ones haha )

but was worth the search it clearly makes my point

uniformity is etremely overrated  and i don't understand why its preffered by anyone

updated by @soaring-eagle: 03/29/20 12:11:49PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/20 05:25:51PM
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Buildup inside my dreads - how to get rid of that?

Dread Maintenance

im no expert but several of those ingredients seem potentialy residue makers

i recommend and for deep cleanse they have a charcoal based 1 that even removes lint

but its no longer available oversaes

if you dont have hard water dr bronners (bars safter slightly in somewhat hard water liquiid should be diluted at least 12 times more water then soap...or more)

but in hard water it causes bad residues

weak runberbands that break can leave chunks inside to dry rot

reasons not to use bands

1 they constrict causing weak spots

2 in just days knots form around them  removing then undoes knots

3 they can break into chunks leavingpeicesinside

4 in just aweek they can be completely swallowed and disapear

5 theycan 'melt'' inti a sticky icky gunk you will neverget out

theres 12 in total cant think of the rest right now

if you have religious freedom they cannot makeyou keep themneat

and  rubber bands in your hair looks way sillier then having just loose hairs

besides neat is clean it is not the absense of loose hairs or the balding pushed by salons

here we have an employees rights law

its in the featured discussions

you most likely have similsar there however many are not aeware and therefor most give up their rights without knowing it

actualy by maintaining them you have given up the right to defend weaering them and the bodss can say cut and yioud havge to cut

if you maintain that they are a right, they cannot make you cover or maintain ..or cut

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/20 12:59:37PM
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Buildup inside my dreads - how to get rid of that?

Dread Maintenance

1st off DO NOT RUB OR USE RUBER BANDS youyr pulling 1/2 the hair iout of the scalp anfd the rubber bands themselves could be 1/2 the buildup! melting into a sticky icky goo you will NEVER get out, nothing can remove rubber band gunk from dreads

now please give the full ingredient list of the shampoo

also do you wear anything covering them at night

alot of what you see is normal (the fix for its only available in usa right now, but you maybe can find something similar locally)

alots lint from blankets sweaters pillowcases etc.

some most likely is your shampoo..and those evil evil rubber bands

yet more that yiou see as 'residue' might just be the hundreds of roots pulled out with the little skin tag still attached.

with dreads you should ONLY wash wait and separate.. thats from day 1 on, but certainly  if you start the3m mannualy it goes for from week 1 on the fact your rubbing and using bands still 2 years in is a huge problem

just stop it all.. leave them alone! they will knot up on their own by doing nithing at all


as soon as you remove them andleave them off youll feel a great sense of relief andliveration and your dreads will start to just dread on their own

ok post the shampoos full ingredient list please

also i assume wax was never used, nit even once/

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/25/20 12:17:37AM
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TnR Question

General Questions

thats as a result of not randomizing enough but its perfectly fine

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/18/20 10:31:15PM
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Natural dreadlocks, from day 0

Member Journals and Timelines

acv dissolves bones, hair, i think even steel..

baking soda burns off multiple layers of  skin

both are harsher chemicals way outsidethe normal ph range

 1st your frying with something very alkeline..  hair should be SLIGHTLY acidic

then your applying an acid far too strong  outside the normal range

so your causing a chemical burn to eat off dead skin cells (healythy ones too0 then an aciud to 'soften' by partial disolving your hair

don't believe me take a chicken bone  submerge it in acv 12 or 24 hours 9think its 12) take it out and tie it in a knot

 it will be so softened   you can  bend it  tie it in a knot  wrap it around your finger.. whatever..

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