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Girls with dreads

Elvira Figueroa
6 years ago
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I could really care less about what other people think of whats on my head cause its on my head and not yours, but im always getting told that i'll never find a boyfriend with dreads, im more of a my own slef person so im not focused or care about relationships cause school is more important, im just tired of always getting told im not carrying out the traditional female look & the femininity that a female is supposed to have. And i have taken away my prettyness. But im more happy about my looks that ive ever been, everyone is telling me that this hair style is just a phase, and even if it was it shouldnt matter cause im happy. How do you other girls deal with this criticism? Especially from family and friends?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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my mom always says ill never get a girlfreind too haha (despite the fact that girls constantly flirt with me but mostly ones im not too into) personaly i think you are very attractive and would be a perfect i got an idea ..

introduce me to these ppl that say that as yoir boyfreind that will shut them up jhaha


but cant ya just picture the look on their faces?

u could also try this

thats ok im not into boys anyway..but you shure are pretty want to hang out sometime? haha

really i wouldnt be too concerned with what they say most likely they are just jealouse anyway the plain an d boring tend toi be threattened by anyone that stands out cause when a guy walks in the room whos he gonna notice 1st..them or u? well them if they have a nipple slippin out or jeans so tight their butts straining the seams....but if they werent 1/2 naked and flaunting it ofcourse theyd notice u 1st cause yoi the only interesting girl in town

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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6 years ago
80 posts

Thankfully I'm married and done with dating, but I can say that my husband, though he looks like a straight-laced business type, LOVES my dreads. I think guys, and especially the right guy, will be drawn to you because of your freedom of expression and because you are happy with yourself and the way you look. We're naturally drawn to the opposite sex when they like themselves and feel confident. Plus, you're more likely to have guys drawn to you that you have more in common with.

James Colby Justice
6 years ago
75 posts

Girls with dreads are drop dead gorgeous!

Natty Dave
6 years ago
56 posts

my fiance decided to dread her hair after i started mine because she really liked them and was sick fighting her hair naturally wanting to dread, but she still gets criticized, people try to force her to tell them that i made her dread her hair, family members have told her they think i forced her to dread her hair to make her ugly so no one else would want her, pretty aweful and hurtful to both of us, and we could just follow suit and insult them back, fight and argue with a stone wall minded person who would never change their opinion of us anyway, so we ignore it and go along our, that seems to make people more upset to know that their insults and negativity can't bring us down, although Amy has put a few people in their place, more so about how they should stop being such a judgemental dick and worry less about what we're doing and work a little harder on being a better person for yourself

6 years ago
23 posts

I was told once that I would have more 'potential' without dreads haha. At bars and Concerts everyone loves my hair. At Walmart I get a bunch of funny stares. As far as looks are concerned, that is up to you. I feel just as attractive as I was before dreads, just with goofy hair. I haven't really got much into the dating seen since my last relationship so I wouldn't know how much effect it would have.

Joey mipanyarack
6 years ago
81 posts
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Sure some guys may find you less attractive with dreads. However other guys will find you MORE attractive. Just don't worry about it and be you. And if you need a confidence boost just come on here. EVERY guy here thinks girls with dreads are super sexy lol!
ღHippie Loveღ
6 years ago
80 posts

My husband does not like my dreads as of right now I'm 3 weeks in so he has time to fall in love with them. As for others yes there is some family member the say I have a rats nest, but hey I love the messy stage of my third set. I honestly think girls with dreads are very sexy as well.

6 years ago
301 posts

its normal to want to be found attractive. i have a husband and he thinks my dreads are super sexy, even when they were super messy. lots of guys find dreads very sexy. and the people who dont are usually jealous or confused. im personally starting to find straight hair less and less attractive. i have always admired dreads and thought they were amazingly beautiful even before i had them. dreads have a more mature beauty about them. they are eye catching. it automatically makes you stand out. OWN IT! carry your self well, know that you ARE attractive and dreads ARE beautiful, and you will find a man that is man enough to be with a girl with outstanding confidence. men might be intimidated, but if anything it will weed out the ones not worth knowing in the first place.

6 years ago
45 posts

I deal with thecriticismby ignoring it... or finding the humor in it.
Yesterday my family had a big get together and one of my cousins asked if I had dreads, I said yeah and he said "What, is water too expensive?"
I just ignored him.. that was the end of the conversation. lol
Then later, my boyfriend... who is totally supportive of my dreads and thinks they are sexy... so he says to me "Funny how the biggest redneck looking dude there made a comment about your dreads! He's one to talk!"
that made me laugh, and it was good to hear that someone else saw the stupidity in my "redneck" cousin's poor judgement.

Honestly I think that CONFIDENCE is the most attractive thing about a person. If you have no confidence people will see you as ugly, even if you are gorgeous!
Love yourself, and in turn others will love you.

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