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Location: Eugene, OR
Country: US

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An idea for my first tattoo

I want a tattoo. It would be my...
@DreadfulAmenita 9 years ago - Comments: 1

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@taby • 5 years ago

Thought I'd give a belated update. Almost 5 years with dreads and one adorable little boy later. Still loving my dreads.

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2 years
1 and 1/2 year mark
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1 year!
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Introducing new growth babies
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Hiking near SLC
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Eddy St. King
01/16/13 01:33:45PM @eddy-st-king:

Yeah it's a shame, back in the day it was very different, I was in Gainesville. Thanks and I hope the same for you. Bless

Eddy St. King
01/16/13 01:25:36PM @eddy-st-king:

I know right everyone sees the postcards with the beaches and bikinis and thinks the people are great boy do they have it twisted haha....I've spent my whole childhood here it's such quicksand so I'm trying to save up to move out on my own. Lucky you though.

Eddy St. King
01/16/13 01:18:21PM @eddy-st-king:

hey i saw that south fl comment by the wayside as i was browsing and i just wanna say i completely agree with you. I hate it down here and i have some buddies that live in west palm and it's just a bunch of fake people. completely feel you on that one. that's all. lol bless

Jose Cooper
01/09/13 06:02:17PM @jose-cooper:
Your welcome:)that'aweslme that you share the same desire to come clothes to nature :) I would like to live in the deep forests where you can walk among the branches in the trees and just be free not having to a pay to live on the planet you were born on! I hope you guys forfill your dream :)

Sarah Smile
11/04/12 04:08:35PM @sarah-smile:

awe i'm glad i could help! let me know how it works out for ya! :)

Sarah Smile
11/02/12 04:45:48PM @sarah-smile:

A transition from wearing a hat could be a headband...easy way to keep the frizz down and out of your face, while getting used to the feeling of having your hair down :) works for me!

I have a lot of lose hairs, with more coming out each day. But, those loose hairs are slowly starting to gather and form new dreads...they're gonna do what they're gonna do. Just try not to worry, they'll turn out alright :)

Sarah Smile
11/02/12 03:59:17PM @sarah-smile:

I started my dreads on my own, arms got pretty tired, it took me a couple days before I was finished. Like you, I also started without much support. My mom said she didn't like it, my boyfriend hasn't said ANYTHING (if you don't have anything nice to say...) and though most of my friends haven't said anything necessarily negative, their facial expressions have said enough xP

In your last pic before t&r, your hair looks a lot like mine did on an average day...great hair for natural dreads! Your dreads also look a lot like mine did in the beginning... I was a little discouraged, at first, from losing so much volume from my regular appearance...unlike yours, though, my hair has lost a lot of length as my hair continues to dread (about 8-12 inches).

I saw that one one of your pics you said that your hair feels like an alien invasion... I can understand what you mean, dreads feel very different from what we are accustomed too. But fear not! Your hair will tighten, loosen, loop and twist. Enjoy the process and be excited for change! :) Whatever your hair looks like now, it will be different next week.

In regard to looking "presentable"...

Try wearing your dreads down in public more often (if you aren't already). You might be surprised by the random support you'll receive. One woman approached me at the bowling alley and asked me about my hair (which I had been wearing under a hat). She told me "dreads are dreads just let them dread." Forget the hate and the fear that others might try and push onto one has a right to criticize what they don't understand, dreads are personal and everyone's dreads mean something different to them. Turn on your favorite song, let down your hair and shake those dreads around! Embrace the change and they will truly become yours :)

Tread on, fellow dreadie, dread on! :P

Baba Fats
10/17/12 03:00:23PM @baba-fats:

It's really true, what they say. The more you mess with your locks, the more damage is done. Dreadlocks don't need to be babied like so many people and sites say. You don't need to wear a stocking on your head when you wash (That's just stupid), you don't have to worry about how you sleep, etc. In fact, if you leave your roots alone, you, essentially have 1 giant hair with a super strong root. It's much stronger than each individual one workingindependentlyof eachother.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/17/12 12:23:41PM @soaring-eagle:

i can only imagine ive seen pics of waxy pilows ..pretty grosss

Baba Fats
10/17/12 07:13:56AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Just so you know, aloe conditions your hair which will slow the process down a bit. African textured hair needs a bit more conditioning, but unless your hair is extremely dry, naturally, you don't need to condition it much at all

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