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Eddy St. King


Location: Miami, FL
Zipcode: 33102
Country: US


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Like a Tattoo

Like a Tattoo

5 years ago - Comments: 0

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somewhere between 1 and 1.5 months don't remember


Tyler Clayborn
01/25/13 08:58:37PM @tyler-clayborn:
Thanks man!

Tyler Clayborn
01/25/13 07:52:03PM @tyler-clayborn:
Thanks for the advice . Quick question can i take those little blaxk rubber bands and get four locks and join them with the rubber band so they can separate faster and keep them together when i go to bed

01/16/13 01:30:25PM @taby:

That's the truth. I feel for you, and I hope you get out and go where your heart will be happy! I feel like Florida crushes my spirit, and I still haven't found that place where I feel at home. My husband grew up in Naples. He says it was a different FL back in the "old days." I can imagine this place was really fun at one point. God bless!

01/16/13 01:22:32PM @taby:

Thanks. I'm glad you understand. Not a lot of people understand what it's like in south FL. I shouldn't have been so harsh, though. I was tired and have 6 months of frustration over being treated like less than a human being. I took the blog down since I don't want to be a complainer... we'll be out of here soon anyways.

Daria Christos
01/07/13 08:11:47PM @daria-christos:

I only roll a bit after I shower to make sure none are combining in places I don't want them to but thanks for the advice!! Have a happy healthy new year <3

Jess Vlaanderen
01/04/13 05:32:36PM @jess-vlaanderen:

Peace <3

Jess Vlaanderen
01/03/13 07:15:50PM @jess-vlaanderen:

oh thank you so kindly!!!! and have a very merry journey! good luck to you (:

Jess Vlaanderen
01/03/13 07:06:41PM @jess-vlaanderen:

oh really?!?! thank you so much! you've made my day :D

ღHippie Loveღ
01/01/13 12:50:26PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/01/13 11:29:38AM @soaring-eagle:

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