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Anthony Parker
10/17/14 03:48:22PM @anthony-parker:

it's been a while lol. glad to say that i stopped putting food in my hair lol. thanks for your concern.

05/26/14 12:18:16AM @pipemaker:
Thank you for being so kind God bless you.

hakim sewell
05/22/14 05:12:05PM @hakim-sewell:
I used 2 tbsp of pure Jamaican black castor oil with rosemary

hakim sewell
05/22/14 10:12:52AM @hakim-sewell:
I guess my hair is oily, I did the BS wash last night and it's still kinda moist

Jen Tanran
05/17/14 10:24:49AM @sandy-hunter:

thanks for the encouragement!!

05/15/14 06:22:43AM @tgc:
Oh, thank you so much I was about to do that -_-

05/15/14 12:00:15AM @tgc:

thanks you so much for the advice!!

Kari Renee Teran
05/14/14 12:55:34PM @kari-renee-teran:

Thanks for your comment and concern. This is a battle i fear will never win but i'll try again with you. I have always had extremely oily hair. Using the dawn has really helped cut that back. When the dawn stops working for that and starts unknotting my already forming dreads, then i will gladly stop using it. But until that happens, the dawn stays in my shampoo bottle.

I'm not trying to be rude or ungrateful to anything or anyone on this site. I am just sticking with what works for ME and MY hair. If it doesn't work for most people then i understand them going a different route.

Again, thanks for your comment and concern.

jcampbell h
05/07/14 11:27:41AM @jcampbell-h:

Not to come off rude

Coconut oil would be to much for my hair If I was an idiot!!! But I live in upstate central New York. So all winter the heating systems DRY THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF EVERYTHING!! So when I have half A dread rip out when I am barley touching them Coconut oil is perfect! It is also great on the rest of my skinand what not. IALSO did not SOAK my hair! I melted barely a handful and massaged it in to my scalp and let that sit for 20-30mins Roughly then rinsed it out. (It's more for my scalp than m dreads I guess)

I also have Jojoba BUT I clean my hair so little thatI have only used it once with some Aloe Vera. I got a moisturizing spray recipe from somewhere which how I made that. It worked well. I am not really in to conditioners EVEN wen I had no dreads. HELL I never washed my hair with anything then XD

After I fixed that one time issued I only EVERY put it in3 days after Tea Tree Oil(I do as needed. Once every other month is where I am at) So TTO Bi-monthly (roughly) Coconut Oil In winter as needed. :)

Also I am PRETTY sure the picture just makes my dreads look bigger than they are. I am a TINY girl! So

I'm not worried about the size of them for that reason and also

I just STOPPED brushing my hair and that is what my hair did. It was and still isn't long enough to reach my shoulders. So as some would say I did it like a real African kid just let my short hair knott as I play! :)

Advice I could use is Dandruff! Moist and Dry dandruff. Making me SO ITCHY! :)

THANKYOU for commenting me your advice! I Didn't mean to come off rude if I did. I just have epilepsy and HATE computer. :) So truly thank you DEFF keep chatting and helping I really only joined the site to do so XD

Mary D
05/05/14 05:30:42AM @mary-d:

yes I did

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